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Small Farming in Ghana with THP


Alhakatu Umaru spent too much of her budget buying food and was left with too little to support her small business. Then, a grant from The Hunger Project-Ghana allowed her to make a small investment, with big returns.

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Woman Delivers Results with THP in India

Kenchamma (center) on a recent visit to Sweden

Kenchamma's work with The Hunger Project-India quickly showed that she was a natural and capable leader. Though her gender and caste presented her with extra obstacles, she has delivered undeniable results in the community, producing wide-ranging changes benefiting women, the elderly and children.

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Pushing Back Deprivation, Catalyzing Progress


Srimoti Diti Adash's community was plagued by hunger, poor sanitation and lack of clean water. In 2008 she was mobilized by THP-Bangladesh's animators. Now Srimoti is committed to tackling these issues and others by inspiring self-reliant action in her community.

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Finding New Beginnings with THP in Ethiopia

Derare Hirpha

Derare Hirpha, a 37-year-old married mother of six is a Jaldu Epicenter Committee member and secretary of the management committee for the Rural Bank. When she was young, she was abducted, forced to marry her abductor and lost all hopes of an education. Thanks to THP, Derare has returned to reading and writing, is learning business management, generating her own income and owns various assets.

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An Elected Representative in India Charts a New Course for Her Community


Rami Devi Nai is an elected representative in her village council in India. She notes every action she takes in her log book using drawings. You have the opportunity to match her courage and leadership.

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Leadership and New Beginnings in Malawi's HIV+ Community


Meet Elizabeth Kalimbuka, one of THP's specialized HIV/AIDS animators who has built up a bustling business. Elizabeth is a shining star in her community and a great example of the importance of supporting HIV-positive community members.

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Leader in Ghana Increases Her Income by 600%

Comfort.Profile leader.jpg

Comfort Kissiwaa has been actively involved in helping to shape life in her community. She says her association with THP has helped to change her from a timid and shy person to an outspoken person, full of confidence and drive.

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Trained Elected Woman Representative Emphasizes Importance of Educating Girls


An example of the benefits education and a giving spirit, Dalimba Majhi has succesfully run in local elections. She is now a widely respected as a community health activist and a strong proponent of girls' education.

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Ta' Kun Kun: Indigenous Woman Finds Self-empowerment, One Step at a Time


A young Tzotzil woman used to wonder why it was that men in her community thought that they were right, and women always wrong. As she grew up and joined THP workshops for women, she learned that anything is possible and has surrounded herself with people who respect women's abilities and ambitions.

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A Mexican Woman Finds the Power to Make Changes in Her Community


Raquel Hernández has learned that leadership begins by liberating oneself. She is now mobilizing her community to earn income for a community savings fund to improve their health clinic.

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