Poultry Farming Made Possible Through Microfinance Program


My name is Romain Awoictha. I am married and a father of four children. I have been a partner of The Hunger Project (THP)-Benin since 2001 and began poultry farming two years ago. Through THP-Benin, I received training in raising improved local chickens. Following the training, THP-Benin provided me with a grant of 75,000 FCFA (about US$150) through the Microfinance Program. I have since received an additional credit of 120,000 CFA francs (US$240).

With this support, I started the farming that allowed me to have poultry a stock of 600 heads, including chickens, turkeys and guinea fowls.

Profits from my new farm have allowed me to fully repay the loans. I earn a monthly net income of 30,000 FCFA (US$60) which increases to 45,000 FCFA (US$90) during feast periods (December, January and April).

With this income, I contribute to the expenses of my household, particularly expenses related to schooling and the everyday needs of my children and wife.

I am proud that my farm serves as an example during the training of new poultry farmers. I enjoy sharing my experiences with them. My ambition for the future is to expand the size of my farm over the next two years to reach 1,500 heads of poultry.