Broadening the Horizon of a Young Indigenous Woman in Peru


Beginning at a very young age, Luz Angelica Moya Chanca, an indigenous woman from Peru, accompanied her mother to various activities organized by her organization, the Association of Rural Women of Vilca Basin (ASMUC). Luz explained:

"My mother carries out many activities in the organization...but us young people also wanted to participate more actively.

"Chirapaq [The Hunger Project's partner in Peru] conducts workshops that allow me to learn more about our communities and the reality we face. Chirapaq leaders also spoke at  national workshops on issues of land and territory, where I was invited to participate. We analyzed whether women have the right to inherit even a piece of land to live on, or whether we are discriminated against.

"We girls are also concerned about environmental pollution, so we work with children to recycle. We think it is very bad to pollute so, for example, we use empty bottles to make food or to carry pens, brushes, pots, etc.

"Now that I have had an experience with my sisters from other countries...I noticed that the problems of my community are also the problem of other indigenous peoples. The exchange with older sisters was very interesting - that mixture of youth and experience enriched my view and my commitment to young people and my community...I do not ever travel abroad but Chirapaq gave me this opportunity."

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