Woman Farmer's Success Inspires Others


Mrs. Juliet Ketehoundje is a woman food farmer living in Zakpota Epicenter in the Department of Zou in the Republic of Benin. Formerly a leader of a group of about 50 women in 2000, she is now leading a group with more than 500 women members.

Through the African Woman Food Farmer Initiative (AWFFI), Mrs. Ketehoundje has had the opportunity to develop dynamic leadership to help groups of women progress towards self-reliance and development.

Initially, her house was made of clay and covered with straw, but she now lives in a house made of modern materials that she helped her husband build. She has also succeeded in paying the school fees for two of her daughters so that they now attend secondary school.

The Hunger Project-Benin wishes to make Mrs. Ketehoundje's profile known in the other epicenters where her story can serve as a source of inspiration.

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