Cathy Burke

Cathy Burke


Chief Executive Officer & Country Director, Australia


  • Country Director



Catherine Burke has been the CEO for The Hunger Project Australia for 17 years. She has spent extensive time in villages across India, Bangladesh and Africa, as well as holding a number of senior leadership roles within the organisation globally.

She is a sought after speaker on transformational leadership and is a powerful advocate on the role women must play as leaders both in Australia and overseas.

Prior to working at The Hunger Project, Catherine worked in her own business, and in Federal politics as a Senate campaign manager, lobbyist and policy strategist.

Specialties: leadership development, personal growth, fundraising, public speaking, women’s leadership, new thinking, innovation, transformational development, hunger and poverty.

Catherine’s book “Unlikely Leaders: Lessons in Leadership from the Village Classroom” was published in 2015 and available at bookshops or online at

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