Stories of Success


Through Numerous Initiatives, Djiby Exhibits the Dedication Required to Bring Sustainable Development to Senegal

Through his numerous, widespread initiatives, Djiby exhibits the dedication required to bring holistic, sustainable growth to the communities surrounding Mpal Epicenter.


In Burkina Faso, Sankara Salamata Broadens Earning Horizons With the Introduction of Market Gardens

Sankara Salamata, along with other credit committee members and The Hunger Project-Burkina Faso, recently set up a market garden for the women of Boulkon Epicenter to work on during the dry season to produce vegetables.


From HIV Positive to HIV Animator, Raymond Empowers Members in His Community to Lead Healthier Lives

Raymond and his wife, diagnosed with HIV in 2008, now lead healthy lives and educate their community about HIV prevention.

Entrepreneurship Promotion Program

The Entrepreneurship Promotion Program in Benin: Changing Lives of Youth Through Business

The Hunger Project-Benin’s Entrepreneurship Promotion Program provides technical and educational support to encourage entrepreneurship and business growth. Bossou Kocou Jean is one entrepreneur who has benefited from the program.


After Being Denied an Education of Her Own, Razia Advocates for the Education of All Children

After being denied a complete education because she was forced to marry at 14, Razia Sultana, from Bangladesh, now serves as both a model of self-reliance and an advocate for the education of girls and children in her community.

David - Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, Building a Resilient Community Against Disease

David Podiagué from Burkina Faso is a 33-year-old licensed nurse who has been working with the Center of Health and…

Dado - Ethiopia Success Story

In Ethiopia, Dado raises five nephews on her own and vows to lift her community out of poverty

Dado dropped out of school at grade seven to take care of her five nephews after her brother passed away. Now an epicenter leader, she vows to combat poverty in her community.

Laurinda 2

Laurinda: Becoming an Empowered Businesswoman and Community Leader through Microfinance

After expanding her business, Laurinda has taken on the challenges in her community and put herself in the position to empower others.

Uganda success story

In Uganda, Hadijja is Elected as an Epicenter Leader and is Determined to Make A Difference

Hadijja is proof that when women are given the resources, tools and information, they can thrive and become key change agents of change benefiting society.


Koushalya Finds A Solution to Ensure Food Security in her Community in India

Koushalya is an elected representative in her village, and has found a solution to ensure food security in her community by offering a room in her house to distribute rice to those unable to travel to the distribution center.