Marina Litvinsky

Communications Associate
United States

Marina Litvinsky joined The Hunger Project communications team during the Fall 2013 season. She has held communications positions at several non-profits and international organizations. Most recently, she was at FIAN International, a human rights organization working on the right to food, headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany.

Blog Posts

Microfinance Program Staff Journal Entry: Afro-Optimism

September 26, 2013
Senior Microfinance Program Officer Sonia Rahal recently joined The Hunger Project and submits this journal entry about her first experience meeting colleagues and program partners in Africa. She responds directly to those who are pessimistic about African development and contends: “…the possibilities [in Africa] are indefinitely greater than what we can imagine.” Read Sonia’s entry.


Listen to Exec VP John Coonrod: Empowering Women at Every Level

September 17, 2013
Listen to John Coonrod, our Executive Vice President's, interview with the Green Hour, a weekly radio show covering health and sustainability out of Philadelphia, about The Hunger Project's work toward reaching the Millenium Development Goals and beyond.