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THP-Ethiopia Epicenter Savings & Credit Receives Award

THP-Ethiopia Jaldu Epicenter, Gudatu Saving & Credit Cooperative (SACCO) received accolades for mobilizing the most women members. The Machakel Epicenter’s clinic welcomed government health employees and Debre Libanos Epicenter completed 6 hang-dug wells. THP-Ethiopia also continued to expand its capacity building programs to beekeeping. Read More

THP-India Strengthens Capacity of Elected Women Leaders

THP-India incorporated the issues of food security and malnutrition into the work of the Elected Women Representatives in the five THP-India states with the highest levels of malnutrition. In addition, various workshops for women were held throughout the country on topics, informing women about government processes and their rights, and THP-India contributed to the Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). Read More

THP-Benin Partners with Dutch on Epicenter Strategy

THP-Benin signed an agreement with the Dutch Ministry to implement the Epicenter Strategy over a four-year period. The Klouékanmè Epicenter was inaugurated in the presence of HP-Netherlands investors, district authorities, local chiefs and the Katakle group. Read More

Kiwis Inspired to Take a Stand Against Chronic Hunger

In June 2013, staff and volunteers of The Hunger Project-New Zealand were delighted to host Betsy Deisroth, Vice President for Advancement in Auckland from New York. Over the course of two evening events, Betsy inspired and encouraged local activism towards the end of chronic hunger, and updated Kiwi supporters on the impact their work is having around the world. Read More

Over Two Decades of Activism to End Global Hunger

For over two decades, veteran activist and Aucklander, Shirley Hardwick, has been working to end global hunger. If you were in intermediate school in the eighties in New Zealand, there is a good chance that, during geography class, you saw an educational video on chronic persistent hunger which Shirley had sent to the teacher. Read More