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Preventing the Spread of Malaria, Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS in Senegal

The Hunger Project-Senegal is proud to report the successful conclusion of another year’s participation in the IntraHealth malaria program. In the last year, trained extension workers with partner community-based organizations (CBOs) reached 17,000 individuals through 870 discussions on malaria.
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Expanding Safe Water Enterprise Kiosks in Uganda

In 2013, The Hunger Project (Uganda, Australia and Germany) partnered with Siemens Stiftung and the SkyJuice Foundation to launch the...
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Challenging the Child Marriage Restraint Act In Bangladesh

In December 2016, The Bangladeshi Parliament discussed the Child Marriage Restraint Act 2016, a bill which ostensibly includes a special provision allowing child marriage at any age in “special cases,” such as “accidental” or “illegal” pregnancy, or where a marriage would protect a girl’s “honor.” The Hunger Project-Bangladesh participated in a march to try and halt it.
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Community Partners Lead Sustainability and Rainwater Harvesting Projects in Mexico

Community-led approaches to development has been critical to improving water and sanitation in in our program areas in Mexico. Learn more about the sustainability and rainwater harvesting projects led by our community partners.
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The Hunger Project uses a new social networking app to inspire giving during the holiday season

The Hunger Project has partnered with raizn, a new social network dedicated to philanthropy and social good, to launch a fundraising campaign called #dinewithpurpose which encourages micro-donations when dining out.
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