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World Food Day 2016: A Changing Climate and Food Security

On October 16, join The Hunger Project in celebrating World Food Day—a day to heighten public awareness about the interconnection of agriculture, food security and world hunger. This year's theme is "Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too
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Two Epicenters in Malawi Achieve Targets for Self-Reliance

Champiti and Ligowe Epicenters in Malawi have now graduated to a phase of “sustainable self-reliance,” which means that these communities have demonstrated the confidence, capacity and skills to act as agents of their own development.
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Girls’s Progress = Goals’ Progress: Celebrating International Day of the Girl Child

The achievement of gender equality is imperative for our future. The complete empowerment of women and girls is not only crucial to improving the lives of families and communities, but is also key to creating sustainable change. That’s why each year we celebrate International Day of the Girl Child on October 11, a day to join global efforts to ensure a world free of discrimination for girls.
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The Hunger Project-Uganda and Her Choice Collaborate to End Child Marriage

The Hunger Project is excited to be part of Her Choice—an alliance of organizations that are working to halt child marriage in 11 countries, with the long-term goal of supporting the creation of child marriage-free communities in which girls and young women are free to decide if, when and whom to marry.
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Putting People First at #UNGA

On September 22, 2016, The Hunger Project helped put on “Putting People First: Community-led Development” hosted by the Movement for Community-led Development during The United Nations General Assembly's annual fall meetings.
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