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 The Hunger Project in the News

Active Citizens Regional Achievers’ Summit

April 13, 2016

Young people have celebrated achievements of youths in the heart of commercial capital of country, Chittagong. British Council and the Hunger Project successfully organised 'Active Citizens Regional Achievers Summit 2016' at the Theatre Institute Chittagong on 27th March, 2016. Read the full story on Financial Express.

Macro hype, micro hope: Optimists champion ‘Community-Led Development’

April 3, 2016

With an update on the movement for Community-Led Development (CLD), a seminar sponsored by the Bank’s Community-Driven Development Global Solutions Group and hosted by The Hunger Project, learned of the promise that CLD offers for inspiring inclusive, sustainable solutions that enlist citizens’ engagement and build community-level confidence in strong governance standards. Read the full article on the World Bank Blog.

Partisan polls to further weaken UPs, experts fear

March 24, 2016

The BRAC Community Empowerment Programme and The Hunger Project hosted a  Learning Sharing Seminar on Strengthening Local Government (SLG) and provided recommendations to avoid a weakening of local governments. Read the full story in the Financial Express

From Club Kid to CEO and World Hunger Activist

March 22, 2016

The Good Life podcast spoke with Cathy Burke, speaker, author, and global change maker has served as CEO of The Hunger Project Australia for nearly two decades. Hear the full interview on The Good Life

Education Underway for Farmers on Forming Cooperatives

March 17, 2016

Four organizations, including The Hunger Project, have embarked on a collaborative program to educate farmers to form cooperatives to easily access financial support. Read the full story on NewsGhana.