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March 30, 2012, Wakene, Ethiopia - Nursery school students eat a lunch of fresh bread and vegetables prepared onsite at the Debre Libanos Epicenter in Wakene, Ethiopia. Built by The Hunger Project in 2006, the Epicenter is one of six now serving populations across Ethiopia with the goal of ending hunger and reducing poverty.

Poor Nutrition Now Affects a Third of Population: The 2016 Global Nutrition Report

Photo credit: David Snyder The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) published its third edition of the Global Nutrition Report,...
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Q+A: Community Leaders on the Status and Progress of Zuza Epicenter in Mozambique

Megan Colnar, Director of Monitoring and Evaluation at The Hunger Project, recently traveled to Zuza Epicenter in Mozambique. She witnessed...
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Transparency Boards: A Powerful Tool for Creating Accountability and Empowering Communities

In the wake of increasing evidence that access to information can dramatically improve outcomes in rural communities, The Hunger Project...
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The Top 10 Milestones of 2015

You will tell your grandchildren (or somebody’s grandchildren) about 2015. The world community described 2015 as a “pivotal” year even...
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Closing the Loop: Engaging Communities in Data to Set Priorities and Track Progress

Megan Colnar is the Director of Monitoring and Evaluation at The Hunger Project. On her recent travels, she witnessed how...
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