March 2009 eNewsletter: Stopping Violence Against Women and Girls


Dear Friends,

This month, we have made good progress in our goal to share our approach of empowering people living in conditions of hunger and poverty to be agents of their own development. The celebration of International Women's Day on March 8 and the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women provided a unique opportunity to network and share our methodology with other development organizations. Appreciation of our work is growing.

I am pleased to announce the release of a new impact assessment study of our work in Uganda: "Change to believe in." It clearly demonstrates the impact The Hunger Project (THP) is having on the ground. I urge you to read the testimonials from our village partners, government officials and other NGOs, along with case studies of three of our epicenters in Uganda. Like me, you will feel proud of the changes being achieved by our partners.

I am so impressed by the generosity and love for humanity that is demonstrated by our investors, who, even in these difficult economic times, continue to invest in THP. I thank all of you for your investment, partnership and trust. A longtime US investor recently told us: "Though sales were off by 60 percent last year, we kept our giving nearly the same, making it 19.5 percent of our income...we are not going to cut back our giving." This is yet another source of pride - and a humbling experience as well.

If you have not yet had the opportunity of investing in our work or if you have not yet renewed your investment this year, I urge you to do so. Your action will have both an immediate and lasting impact in the lives of our village partners. It will be your best investment this year!

Jill Lester
President and CEO

Impact Assessment Study of Our Work

We are delighted to announce the release of a summary report of an impact assessment of THP's work in Uganda. The report not only delivers an analysis of our work in Uganda. It clearly communicates our methodology, identifies the ways in which THP is seen as distinctive among NGOs doing similar work and points to key areas for growth. Read more.

Stopping Violence Against Women and Girls

Violence against women takes a devastating toll on families, communities and society as a whole. This is why The Hunger Project has placed empowering women at the very heart of our strategy. It is not only imperative to end violence against women from a human rights perspective, but it is absolutely essential to achieve the end of hunger and poverty in our world. Read more.

THP Celebrates International Women's Day Around the World

The Hunger Project celebrated International Women's Day 2009 throughout the world with events, media articles and a special conference call.

Read the highlights from Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India and Mexico!

Read our statement on International Women's Day.

Support courageous women leaders. Just $100 could support a training course to educate women about their rights.

Making a Difference

Uma Devi ran for election to serve on her village council in India. Three of her children, ages 7 and under, were murdered to convince her to end her campaign. Uma persevered and won the election. In doing so, she courageously stood against violence and corruption in her village. THP-India documented Uma's and other such stories.

Meet more of our partners.

Quote of the Month

I always wanted to do something so that other women do not have to go through such suffering.

-Khusboon Khatoon, elected woman leader who fights domestic violence in India. She is a 32-year-old widow and was a child bride at age 12.

Learn more about Khusboon.