July 2009 eNewsletter: Strengthening the Capacity of Small Farmers

Women farmers at market

Dear friends,

We are at the threshold of an extraordinary opportunity. This month, world leaders made an unparalleled financial commitment to end world hunger at the G8 summit. They announced a commitment of $20 billion over three years for a Food Security Initiative that will support rural development in developing countries.

This commitment is not only financially significant; it represents a shift in the way world leaders approach foreign aid - from providing short-term food aid to building the capacity of rural farmers in the developing world to increase their food production. The new initiative also highlights the need to empower small farmers, particularly women.

I recently did an interview on the Montel Williams show on Air America, in which I discuss the recent announcement and highlight the critical role women play in food security.

The Hunger Project's (THP's) low-cost strategies are indeed just the type of approach that world leaders have embraced. THP is poised to do everything possible in the coming months to share our best practices, lessons learned and methodology with as many policymakers, funding agencies and like-minded organizations as possible.

Thank you, as always, for your partnership and commitment to a hunger-free future.

Best wishes,

Jill Lester
President and CEO

Theme for Our Annual Gala Event Announced

As you know, THP has powerful strategies that empower people to lead lives of self-reliance. In the coming months, we will be launching our long-term strategic direction to scale up our work as never before. The new commitment by world leaders provides enormous opportunity, as issues of world hunger are again in the world spotlight. Our annual gala event weekend will address this opportunity and what role THP is to play. The theme is: It's Time! Scaling Up THP to Achieve a Hunger-Free Future. More information about the event weekend: October 24-25, 2009).

THP Earns Highest Rating from Charity Navigator

THP has earned Charity Navigator's coveted four-star rating for sound fiscal management for the third year in a row. Charity Navigator is the leading charity evaluator in the US. Only 12 percent of the more than 5,000 charities they rate have received at least three consecutive four-star ratings. Read More.

Read Our 2008 Annual Report

Despite the unprecedented challenges of 2008 -- a world food price crisis, rapidly rising energy prices and a deteriorating global economic climate -- THP has been steadfastly making significant progress toward achieving our overall mission of ending hunger and poverty. This report highlights the accomplishments of our partners on the ground, the major strides we have made as an organization in terms of demonstrating our impact and reaching out to new partners, and the sustained commitment of our investors. Download the report (PDF 2.89 MB).

Making a Difference

Anagonou Hounzavi started with a dream two years ago, and thanks to creative planning, hard work, and a training program through THP-Benin, he has built a successful chicken farm starting with just six chicks in 2007. He is now expanding into rabbit breeding while supporting his family and proudly continues to train others on chicken farming.

Learn more about Anagonou.

Meet more of our partners.

Quote of the Month

"We believe that the purpose of aid must be to create the conditions where it's no longer needed -- to help people become self-sufficient, provide for their families, and lift their standards of living,"

U.S. President Barack Obama