December 2009 eNewsletter: Partners and Investors Continue to Step Forward


Dear Friends,

This holiday season, we have much to celebrate as a global family.

Like many of you this year, The Hunger Project (THP) has consolidated, streamlined and focused our activities to ensure that every dollar is spent as wisely as possible and where it is needed most. This is why THP's work to end hunger and poverty continues to flourish.

THP investors continue to step forward, despite their financial strain. Page Morahan recently wrote:

"A colleague of mine says that first we 'learn,' then we 'earn,' and then we 'return' the gifts we have been given. For several years, I have given a contribution to a way of honoring women who have helped other women. Giving a gift in honor of these women is one of the ways I can show them how valuable they have been in my life."

And, of course, our village partners courageously continue their fight against hunger and poverty. A.K. Manik, a 21-year-old from Bangladesh, shares his story with us:

"I've built up confidence that I can develop my own community by contributing my own self. It has totally changed me - vividly! I wonder what would have happened to me if I hadn't joined THP. I am up here [he points up to the sky]. But if I hadn't joined THP, I would be down there [points to the floor]. I have this feeling all the time: I will keep doing this work my whole life."

When faced with the significant challenges of this year, we have seized the opportunity to respond to this moment by being extraordinary. We have all come through stronger and more prepared for what lies ahead. Your special year-end investment will ensure that we continue to reach more people like Manik in the coming months...and years.

Thank you for being part of The Hunger Project, our worldwide movement to end hunger and poverty. I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

Best wishes,

Jill Lester
President and CEO

Our Year in Photos

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Video Testimonials from the Field

This five-minute video was debuted at our 2009 Fall Event and features our partners in Africa, South Asia and Latin America telling us about the difference THP has made in their lives.

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Making a Difference

A.K Manik is a young man who is part of our Youth Ending Hunger program in Bangladesh. He has established a library in his village that is actively used by community members. He also uses it as a literacy center to teach basic literacy and numeracy to villagers. Manik also delivers leadership training to other young people in his community, who run campaigns to address issues like the environment, nutrition, early marriage and dowry.

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Quote of the Month

"Since THP came into my life and my community, things have changed. In THP, we discover the dignity of every person."

-Emma Lily Rodriguez, Community Volunteer, Zacatecas, Mexico