August 2009 eNewsletter: Sharing THP - New Grants, Media Coverage and Investor Activists Spreading the Word


Dear friends,

When I first joined The Hunger Project (THP) last year, I was told it was the world's "best kept secret." We have been working to change that situation and share our "secret" with as many people as possible. Greater awareness of THP's unique approach is vital to our growing in stature, size and influence so that our innovative programs can reach many more villagers in the developing world.

This newsletter features new grants from well-known organizations; growing media coverage; and the activism of committed individuals like you, passionate about your involvement with us, who are sharing that commitment with others.

If you have not yet bought tickets for our upcoming weekend of events, with a Gala Cocktail Reception and Program on Saturday, October 24, please do! It will be an inspirational evening where you will learn about the accomplishments of our partners and hear about how we plan to take our programs to the next level in the coming months and years. I hope you will join us!

Best wishes,

Jill Lester
President and CEO

Oprah's Angel Network Funds THP-Uganda

Oprah's Angel Network has awarded a US$50,000 grant to THP. The funds will be used to enhance our community mobilization and leadership programs in Uganda. This is indeed a time to invest in long-term solutions to hunger and poverty. To date in Uganda, more than 180,000 people have participated in THP's mobilization and leadership workshops. THP's involvement is helping build better futures for many Ugandan women, men and children. Learn more.

THP-Burkina Wins $1.275 Million Grant

Partners in Burkina Faso THP-Burkina Faso has been selected as a recipient of a US$1.275 million grant (over a three-year period) from the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa via Burkina Faso's National Institute of Environmental and Agricultural Research. This grant is to expand innovative strategies, such as micro-dose fertilization and a successful warrantage program, that focus on increasing food security within the challenging Sahelian climate. The warrantage program allows farmers to not only contribute their share, but also to store their excess harvest in the epicenter food bank until market conditions shift. As a result, farmers can sell their produce for higher prices. Learn more about our work in Burkina Faso.

THP in the Media

  • On August 3, published an interview with Jill Lester. The interview was distributed to's more than 100,000 members, most of which are development professionals. Read the interview.
  • THP-Sweden has been selected as the charity for Stockholm's Twestival, taking place in September. A twestival is an offline social gathering (or festival) of people who use Twitter, the popular social media tool. This event promises to raise funds for THP as well as introduce our work to many more people.
  • THP-Mexico staff were interviewed by Universia, a network of 403 Spanish-speaking universities from 18 countries, reaching over 12 million students and professors. The interview highlights the strategic role volunteers play in our fieldwork as well as in the national office in Mexico City.

Reaching Out: Investor Activists Mobilize Their Communities

Earlier this month, three investor activists (Vicki Seelig, Karen Birbari and Gina DuVall) from Olympia, Washington organized and led an introductory presentation to The Hunger Project in one of their homes. These three women have been nurturing a growing THP constituency in the Olympia area for the past four years. They've already scheduled their next event.

In July, over a ten-day period, investor activists from the Bay Area, Deborah Kaplan, Mary Layman, Barry Saiff and Sarah Thomas, organized and hosted 14 events at theaters, corporations and libraries, where THP was presented to over 200 people and several thousand dollars was generated.

These are just some of the many actions that THP investor activists are taking around the world. Learn how you can host an event in your town!

New THP Brochure

Includes general information about what we do, some of our results, a few short vignettes about our partners in the field, and information about investing.

Download PDF.

Making a Difference

A natural leader, Pene Diarra has been critical to improving access to medical services at Dahra Epicenter in Senegal. She leads a large women's organization and set up a health mutual in her community.

Learn more about Pene Diarra.

Meet more of our partners.

Quote of the Month

"The work of THP reminds me of the truth in the world around me, and shows me that I can help."

Jenna Lillywhite, 14 year-old granddaughter of long-time THP investors, Colene and Fred Schlaepfer