April 2009 eNewsletter: Working in Harmony with Nature

Safe Water in Ethiopia

Dear Friends,

This month, we celebrate Earth Day (April 22) and the achievements of our sisters and brothers in the developing world who are on the front lines of the global effort to improve our environment. Primarily rural food producers, The Hunger Project's (THP's) partners are among the most vulnerable to environmental destruction and climate change, yet, they have contributed the least to both processes.

Building more resilient communities that can cope with such challenges is at the heart of THP's approach. Our partners engage in sustainable agricultural practices, promote indigenous knowledge and create campaigns and projects to cope with environmental issues. We've highlighted some of these activities below.

Through such work, THP and its partners are ensuring access to safe drinking water, preserving natural resources and educating others on environmental issues.

Going "green" is becoming more widely practiced by many in the developed world. In the developing world, however, our partners face the challenges of hunger and poverty everyday. Yet, they are still taking remarkable actions that are not just "green," but which also point the way to a truly sustainable future.

As one of the ways you can "go green" this month, I invite you to make a special contribution to THP in honor of the everyday environmentalism of our partners in the developing world.

Happy Earth Day!

Jill Lester
President and CEO

Partnering with Environmental Defense Fund in India

In India, we are partnering with Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) to strengthen women's leadership in forging the agenda of climate change in rural India. A film on climate change and its impact on India is currently being produced, and it will be used as a vehicle to generate dialogue amongst rural leaders to enable them to find locally sustainable solutions to their problems.

Promoting Indigenous Knowledge in Peru

In Peru, our partner organization, Chirapaq, played a leadership role in the Latin American Summit on Climate Change and Its Impact on Indigenous Peoples, held in March 2009. Our partners are advocating for conservation of natural resources, mitigation of the harmful effects of extractive industries, and recovery and promotion of traditional knowledge and technology that is highly adaptable to changing climate conditions. Their overall platform is to ensure that indigenous people are consulted on these issues and are part of the process to create solutions.

Planting Trees in Uganda

Trees reduce soil erosion, provide oxygen to offset carbon dioxide and can be sources of food, energy and income for communities. In Uganda, we have a partnership with the National Environmental Management Authority to establish a tree nursery at Kiboga Epicenter. This provides 80,000 tree seedlings of pine and eucalyptus species to our partners for planting in their fields to improve the environment.

Learn More

Read our new web article on "Working in Harmony with Nature" to learn more about THP's environmental efforts and what you can do!

Making a Difference

Gilberto Orozco is a high school teacher, physician and THP volunteer in Mexico. His proposals outlining short and long-term actions for dealing with pressing environmental issues won him a national prize!

Meet more of our partners.

Quote of the Month

"The women of Alpha Chi Omega chose to donate the proceeds from our annual Fashion Show to THP because...we thought that of all the other organizations out there, we loved the idea of ending world hunger and empowering women and their families to stay healthy every day."

- Staci Sherman, sophomore, Quinnipiac University,
United States