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Microfinance Program Staff Journal Entry: Afro-Optimism

Sonia Rahal MFP Africa 2

Senior Microfinance Program Officer Sonia Rahal recently joined The Hunger Project and submits this journal entry about her first experience meeting colleagues and program partners in Africa. She responds directly to those who are pessimistic about African development and contends: “…the possibilities [in Africa] are indefinitely greater than what we can imagine.” Read Sonia’s entry.

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Celebrating Girls: They Conquer the World

Celebrating Girls: They Conquer the World -- International Day of the Girl is October 11, 2013

In the lead up to International Day of the Girl, National Girl Child Day is honored in Bangladesh this September. Since 2000, THP-Bangladesh and the National Girl Child Advocacy Forum have celebrated National Girl Child Day each year as part of the annual Children’s Rights Week. Read about the activities The Hunger Project-Bangladesh has planned for this year's celebration.

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Now I Say What I Have to Say

Mexico Martinez

Patricia Martínez shares how The Hunger Project's trainings in her community in Oaxaca, Mexico empowered her to stand up and express her opinions without fear.

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Reducing Stigma of HIV in Uganda

Uganda Madinah

Lady Madinah recounts how her local epicenter and community in Uganda helped her not only come to terms with her HIV diagnosis, but also empowered her to stand proud and help others. Read her story.

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Elected Indian Women Leader Gains Insight from Australia Visit

India Meena

In May 2013, Murli Meena, who is the village president of Dehlala Gram Panchayat was invited to Australia as a delegate sponsored by THP-Australia. Read about her experience.

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Health Centers Working Alongside Traditional Medicine

Peru Tangoa

Consuleo Inuma Tangoa, a 70-year-old from the indigenous Shawi community, shares her experiences as a midwife and how the new health centers have helped this traditional practice.

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Epicenter Strategy Crucial to Rural Bank Development in Senegal

Senegal Diallo

Yacine Diallo has been a key leader in the THP Epicenter Strategy in Senegal, especially in the microfinance program. Read her story.

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Epicenter Adult Literacy Program Gives Students a Second Chance

Mozambique Filimonecossa

Fátima Filimonecossa, 55, from Mozambique, shares how the epicenter's adult literacy program has helped her achieve something she never thought possible.

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New Technology Training Helps Epicenter Community Achieve Food Security

Burkina Noaga

Dianda Noaga of Boulkon Epicenter in Burkina-Faso shares how several training in new technologies have helped his family save money and stay food secure.

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Safe Drinking Water Alleviates Worry for Epicenter Community

Ethiopia Ledi

Sehari Ledi, a member of Enemore Epicenter in Ethiopia, shares how water projects have provided access to safe drinking water and alleviated the worry and fear that comes with fetching water from the river.

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