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THP-India Strengthens Capacity of Elected Women Leaders

India-Board Report-Oct 2013

THP-India incorporated the issues of food security and malnutrition into the work of the Elected Women Representatives in the five THP-India states with the highest levels of malnutrition. In addition, various workshops for women were held throughout the country on topics, informing women about government processes and their rights, and THP-India contributed to the Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

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THP-Ghana Completes Several Construction Projects

Ghana-Board Report-Oct 2013

THP-Ghana inaugurated a new nursery school at Toku Epicenter; Adomfe Epicenter's cocoa and oil-palm seedlings were transplanted into the field and began to generate income; and Fesi-Bame Epicenter, through a partnership with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, acquired 450 bags of government subsidized fertilizers to be sold to partner farmers to boost production.


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THP-Ethiopia Epicenter Savings & Credit Receives Award

Ethiopia-Board Report-Oct 2013

THP-Ethiopia Jaldu Epicenter, Gudatu Saving & Credit Cooperative (SACCO) received accolades for mobilizing the most women members. The Machakel Epicenter’s clinic welcomed government health employees and Debre Libanos Epicenter completed 6 hang-dug wells. THP-Ethiopia also continued to expand its capacity building programs to beekeeping. 


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THP-Burkina Celebrate New Epicenter

Burkina-Global Report-Oct 2013

THP-Burkina inaugurated the Boulkon Epicenter in the presence of several high-level THP staff and local government officials. THP-Burkina also continued its work in food security and women's empowerment, centering around the 1000 Days Initiative.

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THP-Benin Partners with Dutch on Epicenter Strategy

Benin-Global Board Report-Oct 2013 2

THP-Benin signed an agreement with the Dutch Ministry to implement the Epicenter Strategy over a four-year period. The Klouékanmè Epicenter was inaugurated in the presence of  HP-Netherlands investors, district authorities, local chiefs and the Katakle group.

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THP-Bangladesh Secures Local Government Commitment to MDG Achievement

Bangladesh Board Report Oct 2013

THP-Bangladesh has establisehd partnerships with 24 more communities who became part of the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) unions, committed to ahieveing the MDGs at the local level. THP-Bangladesh also held meetings across the country, engaging over 34,000 community members, on the topic of stopping early marriages and launched a pilot program to provide youth with tools and opportunities for building professional skills.

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THP-Mozambique Continues Strong Food Security Program Despite Heavy Rains

Mozambique-Board Report-Oct 2013

THP-Mozambique's Chokwe Epicenter suffered a loss of crops due to flooding in the region. However, within a few months, the Food Security Porgram had a fruitful harvest. Also, under the Food Security Program, new income generating activities were undertaken by women at several epicenters.


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Gender First

woman India input.jpg

The Hunger Project's Executive Vice President John Coonrod explains how gender discrimination is at the root of poverty and hunger and that country-specific gender analysis is crucial for real solutions. As originally published on Local First.

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Highlights from the Outcome Evaluation Pilot Project in Ghana and Malawi

Microfinance Partner Blandina Pias & Husband share household decisions in Malawi

In August 2012, The Hunger Project carried out a large-scale outcome evaluation pilot project consisting of in-depth interviews, focus groups and household surveys in Ghana and Malawi. The purpose being to evaluate data collection tools being used in the field and to empower epicenter committees to set priorities and track progress for the overall development of Hunger Project programs.

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Citi Walk-Run-Bike Participant Steven Yong Contemplates Hunger and Thirst

Citi Walk-Run-Bike participant Steven Yong shares his experience

Right now, Citi employees around the world are banding together for a virtual event to walk, run or bike 100 kilometers in 100 days to raise $100,000 toward ending hunger and poverty in our world. Citi employee Steven Yong shares about truly understanding what it means to want for resources like food and water.

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