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Burkina Faso: Substantial Accomplishments in Crop Yields and Educational Programs


Update to the Global Board (October 2008). Emphasis on food security, health and education has created extensive progress. Crop yields have increased by 40 percent, over four thousand women and men have been educated in preventative health and 115 literacy centers were opened.

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Peru: Empowering Indigenous Women to Protect Their Rights


Update to the Global Board (October 2008). Despite the many challenges they faced in 2008, Chirapaq achieved significant advances in empowering indigenous women to be willing and able to protect their individual and collective rights through training, communication and collective action.

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Benin: Food Banks Help to Ensure Food Security in Epicenter Communities


Update to the Global Board (October 2008). Amidst the challenge of the world food crisis, most Hunger Project-Benin epicenter food banks are fully stocked to ensure the food security of the communities.

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Uganda: Strong Partnerships with Government and Other Organizations


Update to the Global Board (October 2008). The Hunger Project-Uganda takes pride in the continued good working relationship, partnership and support from other organizations and relevant government authorities at both local and national levels.

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Senegal: Sustaining Momentum in Self-reliant Epicenters


Update to the Global Board (October 2008). The Hunger Project-Senegal is mobilizing communities where there has been decreased activity for several years. Community members are assuming new roles and are becoming more directly involved in activities.

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AWFFI Partners Increase Loan Repayment Rates


Update to the Global Board (October 2008). Due to unfavorable farming conditions, microfinance partners have faced challenges repaying their loans on time. However, with the help of the epicenter and loan committees, partners have increased their repayment rates by 13 percent.

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Ghana: Scale-Up Program Makes an Impact


Update to the Global Board (October 2008). The Scale-Up Program has seen significant achievements in maize output and epicenter construction.

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Mozambique: Building Entrepreneurs and Focusing on the Environment


Update to the Global Board (October 2008). The Hunger Project-Mozambique focused on projects with tangible impacts for its partners. As a result, partners are starting food processing businesses following Hunger Project trainings. Tree planting projects and water and sanitation projects are well underway.

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World Food Day 2008


The United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) first established World Food Day in 1979 in order to raise awareness about world hunger. Today, the world is in the midst of a food price crisis that is estimated to be pushing more than 100 million people into absolute poverty. Shining a spotlight on hunger has never been more important.

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International Day of Rural Women 2008

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Shining a spotlight on the world's rural women has never been more important. The current global food price crisis is pushing millions of people deeper into hunger and poverty. The prospects of achieving an end to world hunger are threatened. Only when rural women are empowered will this be achieved.

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