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Trained Indigenous Reporter Runs for Senate in Bolivia


Nelida Smith is a trained people's reporter and has taken leadership workshop through our partner organization in Bolivia, ACLO. She says, "In political matters, I could not contribute anything before, but now I feel able to contribute from my experience. I can take more informed positions in public spaces and have a responsibility and commitment to serve others."

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Microfinance Leader Ensures 100 Percent Repayment Rate


Madame Djalla is president of the Kissamey Epicenter's Microfinance Program Committee. As such, she leads 17 women's groups and has developed a monitoring system to ensure that her group members repay their loans on time.

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Small Farming in Ghana with THP


Alhakatu Umaru spent too much of her budget buying food and was left with too little to support her small business. Then, a grant from The Hunger Project-Ghana allowed her to make a small investment, with big returns.

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It’s Time for THP! Highlights of Our Annual Gala


On October 24-25, 2009, more than 400 people gathered from 20 countries around the world to participate in The Hunger Project's annual weekend of events under the theme, "It's Time! Scaling Up THP to Achieve a Hunger-Free Future."

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"Human Chain" Demonstrates Against Hunger in Bangladesh

Human Chain

Youth in Bangladesh are leading the charge to eradicate hunger. In Dhaka, young THP volunteers formed a "human chain" to commemorate an international event and advocate for progressive change.

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THP Global Board Elects New Chair


After ten years as Chair of our Global Board of Directors, Dr. Peter Bourne announced his retirement from The Hunger Project's Global Board at its October meeting. The Global Board elected Mr. Steven Sherwood as the new Chair. Mr. Sherwood has been on THP's Global Board for more than seven years, and he is one of THP's highest level investors.

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Woman Delivers Results with THP in India

Kenchamma (center) on a recent visit to Sweden

Kenchamma's work with The Hunger Project-India quickly showed that she was a natural and capable leader. Though her gender and caste presented her with extra obstacles, she has delivered undeniable results in the community, producing wide-ranging changes benefiting women, the elderly and children.

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Vera Bradley Pledges Support from Market Tote Sales to THP


The luggage and accessories company, Vera Bradley, has pledged US$10,000 from sales of their exclusive, new, reusable Market Tote bags to THP. The exclusive, eco-friendly bags will be available from October 17 through November 2 at participating retailers.

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Scaling Up via Partnerships, Advocacy and Impact


In this strategic direction document, THP sets out our long-term vision of how to achieve a future where all people gain the opportunity to lead healthy and productive lives and build a better future for their children. This strategic direction is not simply about expanding our existing programs. It is about growing the organization and expanding its scope via three defined strategic priorities: partnerships, advocacy and impact.

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World Food Day 2009


World Food Day, October 16, is a day to draw attention to the stark reality that there are more than one billion undernourished women, men and children in our world. However, it is also a day to shine a spotlight on the solutions to ending hunger. THP's work has shown that people can and do end their own hunger.

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