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Agricultural Trainings Lead Single Mother to Prosperous Life of Self-Reliance

Violet Malawi Oct 2011.jpg

Violet Msusa is a single mother of three children and, following her participating in agricultural trainings and the Microfinance Program of THP-Malawi, is successfully providing for herself and her family.

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Widow Becomes Valuable Community Leader and Advocate for Women's Empowerment

Comfort Ghana Oct 2011.jpg

Comfort Nyame, widow and mother of four, participated in THP-Ghana's Women's Empowerment Program and is now a wide-reaching advocate for women's and children's rights.

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From Laborer to Project Officer, New Opportunities with THP-Ethiopia

Geletea Ethiopia Oct 2011.jpg

Geletea Gonfa began working at Jaldu Epicenter in Ethiopia when it first opened in 2005 as a way to support his wife and son. His demonstrated passion and commitment to the progress of the community have since empowered him to take leadership roles in the epicenter.

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Access to Health Clinic Changes Life of Mother and Future Children

Rachelle Benin Oct 2011.jpg

Rachelle Mahouchi is from the village of Kpèkpèhoué in Benin. Rachelle delivered her fifth child at home, having had previous deliveries under the same conditions with no apparent problems. The fifth delivery, however, was a birthing experience so difficult that she almost lost her life. Because of this, she decided to have her sixth child at a THP-Benin health clinic. Hear her story.

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Indigenous Communities and Chirapaq Celebrate 25 Years of Partnership in Peru in 2011

Tarcila-JC Peru June 2011.jpg

Indigenous women and men in rural regions of Peru celebrated 25 years of partnership with Chirapaq this year – 25 years of indigenous rights, gender equality and income generation.

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Empowering Rural Women and Communities with THP-Mexico in 2011

THP Mex 2011.jpg

During 2011, women and men from rural regions were empowered to ensure the prosperity of their communities through agricultural, educational and nutritional activities and trainings. THP-Mexico leadership provided an integral voice for our rural partners in local and national government forums.


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Elected Women Leaders Empowered by THP-India in 2011

India 2011.jpg

During 2011, more than 18,000 people participated in activities organized by THP-India to promote women's leadership and effective governance. Continued partnerships with organizations such as UN Women led to improved advocacy capacity and programs in the same areas.

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Great Strides in Gender Equality from THP-Bangladesh in 2011

Bangladesh Classroom 2011.jpg

In 2011, THP-Bangladesh placed particular emphasis on increasing women's involvement in government and greater issues of gender inequality in the country.

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Strategic Partnerships Developed by THP-Uganda in 2011


During 2011, THP-Uganda welcomed new leadership and developed new relationships with local government and like-minded organizations to improve epicenter and health clinic capacities.

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Literacy and Women's Leadership Drive THP-Senegal in 2011

VCAW Senegal.jpg

During 2011, THP-Senegal’s greatest successes were in the area of literacy – instituting class schedules accommodating of agricultural needs and empowering literacy-specific animators to ensure continuous improvement of education in epicenter communities.

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