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Epicenter Advancements and HIV/AIDS Program Expansion by THP-Malawi in 2012

Malawi 2012

Updates from THP-Malawi programs, including epicenter completions and advancements, and the expansion of Antiretroviral Therapy to children in 2012.

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Strengthening Elected Women Representatives with THP-India in 2012


With the successful completion of SWEEP, elected women representatives have taken the lead as mentors, facilitators, and political leaders, heading campaigns to raise awareness of malnutrition in India in April 2012.

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Namayumba Epicenter Construction by THP-Uganda in 2012

uganda 1.JPG

Updates from THP programs in Uganda, including the commencement of Namayumba Epicenter construction, the improvement of performance at epicenter nursery schools, and the creation of innovative income-generating activities in 2012.

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Scale-Up and New Epicenters in Benin


Updates from Hunger Project programs in Benin, including the improvement of epicenters with the support of the Dutch financial investor group Kataklé, the training of  elected representatives of rural banks, and the commencement in both health and children’s education programs at Daringa Epicenter.

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Recognition of THP-Senegal Epicenters as Associations in 2012


Addressing mobilization activities, THP-Senegal chose to focus on organizing general assemblies to share information and begin the process of legal recognition for each epicenter as an Association by the Government of Senegal.

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Advocating for Indigenous Women's Rights Via Radio by Chirapaq in Peru


Through the power of radio broadcasting, indigenous women in Peru partnered with The Hunger Project's partner organization, Chirapaq, have had the opportunity to lead innovative and educational radio programs, broadcasting public announcements about various social issues in 2012.

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Food Security Partnerships with THP-Ghana in 2012


Updates from Hunger Project programs in Ghana, including a new partnership for increased food security and trainings in various income-generating activities in April 2012.

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Advancement of Clean Water and Literacy for THP-Ethiopia in 2012


Updates from THP programs in Ethiopia, including the completion of 14 water supply projects bringing safe water to 1,500 epicenters, and the inception and development of four literacy centers hosting 800 adult learners.

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Increased Alignment Between Environmental Programs and Income-generating Activities by THP-Mozambique in 2012

mozambique 1.JPG

Increased alignment of environment programs with income-generating activities by THP-Mozambique, such as food processing activities that led to jam being canned and sold, will ensure that all aspects of the epicenter continue to reinforce the importance of sustainable food availability in 2012.

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Increased Medical Visitations for THP-Burkina Faso in 2012


Updates from THP programs in Burkina Faso, including the arrangement of mass medical visits to the epicenters and partner villages with the support of volunteer medical associations and medical schools in April 2012.

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