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Limited Edition Hunger Project T-Shirt!


You want a world without hunger, poverty or gender-discrimination. You know that sustainable solutions come from the innovation of grassroots leaders. Let the world know that you believe in this brighter future with a LIMITED EDITION Hunger Project t-shirt. Brought to you by SelflessTee -- for two weeks ONLY! 

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Hot Off the Press: International Day of the Girl Infographic!

Day of the Girl Blog.jpg

Join The Hunger Project in celebrating the first International Day of the Girl on October 11, 2012. We are thrilled with the United Nations' recognition of this important day to raise awareness about the rights of girl children. Learn more and spread the word using our brand new infographic!

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World Food Day 2012: Focus on Cooperatives


The theme for this year’s World Food Day (October 16) is “Agricultural cooperatives ― key to feeding the world.” Cooperatives provide over 100 million jobs around the world, 20 percent more than multinational enterprises. Cooperatives become forums where members can voice and address common concerns and make decisions to take collective action on issues from education to clean water to family planning and business management. 

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hike4hunger on World Food Day!

hike4hunger is a global campaign that aims to spread awareness and raise funds for the critical issue of ongoing world hunger. We aim to draw attention to World Food Day on October 16 and inspire people to take a small yet effective step towards ending global hunger, simply by going on a hike and fundraising.
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The Washington Weekly - October 9, 2012

The Hunger Project's Executive VP, John Coonrod, has moved from New York City to Washington, DC to strengthen THP's seat at the table of international development. Each week, John sends us insight into issues of health, policy, human rights and more by way of the Washington Weekly.

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Mobilized Youth Promote Education, Health, Sustainable Agricultural Practices at THP-Benin Epicenters in 2012

Benin 2012 - Youth at Daringa Epicenter compete to race with THP Netherlands.jpg

As a part of its ongoing scale-up, THP-Benin inaugurated both Tré-Dassa and Sonon-Guinagourou Epicenters in early 2012. Improved youth mobilization efforts at these and other epicenters have led to rapid expansion of agricultural training programs and a fundraising partnership with THP-Netherlands for the Annual Run for The Hunger Project in Amsterdam.

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Namayumba Epicenter Completed and Inaugurated by THP-Uganda in 2012!

Uganda 2012 - Women at Namayumba Epicenter inauguration.jpg

The Inaugurations of an epicenter and a rural bank marked this reporting period and were well attended by both community members and visiting investors. These inaugurations re-energizing communities and engaged local authorities and government officials in the development process

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New Funding Reinvigorates THP-Senegal Epicenter Programs in 2012

Senegal 2012 - Social entrepreneurship training in Ndioum Epicenter.jpg

Epicenters Sanar, Namarel and Ndioum have experienced a new spark in the number of activities implemented due to new funding from the Eureko-Achmea Foundation from Netherlands began. In other epicenters, training began for two animators (volunteers) in each village. These newly trained animators train others in their village, exponentially increasing the number of animators in each village.

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Awareness of Rights as a Path to Empowerment for Women with Chirapaq in Peru, 2012

Peru 2012 - Map of THP Active regions.jpg

Chirapaq is offering the tools and training to strengthen the management and planning capacities of women and a targeted focus has been made on their role in the local government’s process of creating and managing participatory budgets as a way to strengthen the entrepreneurial capacities and business management skills.

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THP-Mozambique, Government Partnership Yields Medical Staff for Epicenter Health Center in 2012

Mozambique 2012 - Partners and produce at Chokwe’s communal garden.jpg

A partnership between THP-Mozambique and local government brought a team of medical staff to carry out a variety of activities that served both to elevate the level of care available and to mobilize the entire community at Chokwe Epicenter. THP-Mozambique has also been making advocacy inroads with local and international NGOs operating in the area, both initiating seminars and attending conferences.

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