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Namayumba Epicenter Completed and Inaugurated by THP-Uganda in 2012!

Uganda 2012 - Women at Namayumba Epicenter inauguration.jpg

The Inaugurations of an epicenter and a rural bank marked this reporting period and were well attended by both community members and visiting investors. These inaugurations re-energizing communities and engaged local authorities and government officials in the development process

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New Funding Reinvigorates THP-Senegal Epicenter Programs in 2012

Senegal 2012 - Social entrepreneurship training in Ndioum Epicenter.jpg

Epicenters Sanar, Namarel and Ndioum have experienced a new spark in the number of activities implemented due to new funding from the Eureko-Achmea Foundation from Netherlands began. In other epicenters, training began for two animators (volunteers) in each village. These newly trained animators train others in their village, exponentially increasing the number of animators in each village.

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Awareness of Rights as a Path to Empowerment for Women with Chirapaq in Peru, 2012

Peru 2012 - Map of THP Active regions.jpg

Chirapaq is offering the tools and training to strengthen the management and planning capacities of women and a targeted focus has been made on their role in the local government’s process of creating and managing participatory budgets as a way to strengthen the entrepreneurial capacities and business management skills.

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THP-Mozambique, Government Partnership Yields Medical Staff for Epicenter Health Center in 2012

Mozambique 2012 - Partners and produce at Chokwe’s communal garden.jpg

A partnership between THP-Mozambique and local government brought a team of medical staff to carry out a variety of activities that served both to elevate the level of care available and to mobilize the entire community at Chokwe Epicenter. THP-Mozambique has also been making advocacy inroads with local and international NGOs operating in the area, both initiating seminars and attending conferences.

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Autonomy Increases Access to Resources and Livelihoods for THP-Mexico Partners in 2012

Mexico 2012 - Community members self-document with a video camera.jpg

THP-Mexico encourages both personal and collective autonomy through trainings that empower community partners to rely less on direct government transactions and increase their skills for self-negotiation, income generation and the improvement of the quality of their lives.

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1,000 Days Programs Implemented in Four THP-Malawi Epicenters in 2012

Malawi 2012 - Kachindamoto Epicenter inauguration.jpg

The 1,000 Days Initiative – a childhood and maternal health program – was implemented at four of THP-Malawi's eight epicenters. Other program expansion included the inauguration of the Dutch-underwritten Kachindamoto Epicenter and a series of staff trainings at the 2012 Africa Conference in Burkina Faso.

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Radio Programs and Elected Women Representatives Increase Visibility of THP-India in 2012

India 2012 - Map of THP Active Indian States.jpg

New partnerships, innovative use of radio broadcasting and elected women representatives have increased the visibility of THP-India across eight Indian states. Additionally, cross-federation learning trips have improved state-wide sharing of best practices by THP partners.

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Memorandum of Understanding Among Epicenters, District Leaders Ensure Continuous Development for THP-Ghana in 2012

Ghana 2012 - VCAW Animators at Kyempo Epicenter.jpg

In 2012, The Non-Formal Education Division agreed to train THP-Ghana staff as Trainers of Trainers to improve literacy courses; farm input distribution was reworked; and Epicenter Committees, District Assemblies and THP-Ghana signed a Memorandum of Understanding to ensure continuous support for the development and sustainability of epicenters.

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Two New THP-Ethiopia Epicenters Inaugurated in 2012

Ethiopia 2012 - President and VP at Epicenter Inauguration.jpg

Two investor-underwritten epicenters, Enemore and Wurib, were inaugurated at ceremonies attended by Hunger Project leadership. Five of the six epicenters in Ethiopia are maintaining nursery school classes, with a ratio of 1.2 girls enrolled for every boy, and a new health center opened to serve rural community members.

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THP-Burkina Faso, Ministry of Health Partnership First of Its Kind in 2012

Burkina 2012 - Boulkon Epicenter Health Consultation.jpg

In 2012, The Hunger Project-Burkina developed a first-ever partnership with the national Ministry of Health, bringing greater partnership with medical professionals at the epicenter level. Additionally, the Microfinance Program saw the official recognition of four new rural banks and the installation of new microfinance software to improve program efficiency.

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