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Safe Drinking Water Alleviates Worry for Epicenter Community

Ethiopia Ledi

Sehari Ledi, a member of Enemore Epicenter in Ethiopia, shares how water projects have provided access to safe drinking water and alleviated the worry and fear that comes with fetching water from the river.

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Literacy Classes Help to Abolish Poverty at Zakpota Epicenter

Benin Clementine

Clémentine, one of the girls who has dropped out of school in Zakpota Epicenter and has instead been involved in literacy classes for three months, shares her experience.

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Listen to Exec VP John Coonrod: Empowering Women at Every Level

John Coonrod on Green Hour Empowering Women at Every Level

Listen to John Coonrod, our Executive Vice President's, interview with the Green Hour, a weekly radio show covering health and sustainability out of Philadelphia, about The Hunger Project's work toward reaching the Millenium Development Goals and beyond.

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THP Training Helps Epicenter Raise Money for Community Development

Ghana Akwei

Shadrack Asante Akwei, a farmer, was trained in leadership and mobilization at Adomfe Epicenter in Ghana and went on to start an oil-palm and cocoa nursery project to generate funds for community development projects. Read his story.

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Epicenter Food Security Program Offers Alternative Livelihood

Malawi Mwembere

Horace Mwembere joined the epicenter community in Malawi and learned modern farming techniques to better support his family. Read his story.

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THP-Uganda Epicenters Move Toward Self Reliance

Uganda-Board Report-Oct 2013

THP-Malawi inaguarated microfinance institutions at two of its epicenters and hosted monitoring and evaluation officers from several THP Africa countries for a learning visit. In addition, several epicenters undertook income generating activities like hall and chair hire services and planted orange fresh sweet potatoes to serve as demonstration plots and seed multiplication sites.


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THP-Bangladesh Trains Volunteers to Advocate for Crucial Road

Milemari Bangladesh

Read how THP-Bangladesh trained animators and women leaders helped the people of the small remote village of Milemari band together and advocate for the construction of a much-needed road.

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THP-Senegal Trains Women to Start and Grow Their Business

Senegal-Board Report-Oct 2013

THP-Senegal's Concerned Women’s Education Program has started training women in the skills for starting and growing their business. THP-Senegal also continued other workshops in the areas of food security and microfinance.


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Partner Chirapaq Works on Indigenous Women's Empowerment in Peru

Peru-Board Report-Oct 2013

THP partner organization Chirapaq worked with several indigenous communities to assess needs and goals in the areas of health, hygiene and nutrition. THP-Chirapaq also continued support and expansion of the revolving loan fund to secure access to financial resources for indigenous women.

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THP-Mexico Expands to Four States

Mexico-Board Report-Oct 2013

In Oaxaca, THP-Mexico, with community partners, installed ecological stoves, dry latrines and rainwater collection cisterns. THP-Mexico also coninued its work towards empowering youth by inviting youth calalysts from Zacatecas to a centralized animator training in Mexico City

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