Shift Your Holiday Gifts to End Hunger


Looking for a meaningful way to celebrate the holidays? Tired of receiving gifts you may not want or need? This year, you can celebrate by shifting the money your friends and family may have spent on gifts you don't want or need to The Hunger Project. Use Shift My Gift to let your loved ones know your holiday wish this year: the end of hunger and poverty!

Shift My Gift is a website that has partnered with The Hunger Project where you can create your own profile ("an occasion page") that you then share with friends and family and on social media networks to let people know your wish for a gift this holiday season: an investment in The Hunger Project!

You celebrate the holiday season in a way that's meaningful to you, your friends get a tax deduction, and the earth thanks you for eliminating all the wrapping paper and other waste. And, most importantly, you're investing in our sisters and brothers in villages around the world who are taking courageous actions every day to end their own hunger and poverty.

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