THP's Top Five of 2009

Top Five Online News Stories

  1. Oprah's Angel Network Grant Supports Grassroots Development in Uganda
  2. Change to Believe In: The Hunger Project-Uganda's Impact
  3. India Declares National Girl Child Day
  4. World Food Day 2009
  5. International Women's Day 2009

Top Five Case Studies

  1. Leader in Ghana Increases Her Income by 600%
  2. Elected Woman Leader in India Fights Domestic Violence
  3. Leadership and New Beginnings in Malawi's HIV+ Community
  4. Hunger Project Leader Shares Skills to Empower Others
  5. An Elected Representative in India Charts a New Course for Her Community

Top Five Web Articles

  1. Rural Women Are Creating a Better Future for All: What Will You Do in 2009?
  2. Harnessing the Creativity and Power of Youth
  3. Stopping Violence Against Women and Girls
  4. Financial Crisis Will Hit the World's Poorest Hard: Make the Most of Your Money by Investing in People
  5. Ensuring Access to Safe Drinking Water

Top Five Newsletters

  1. July 2009: Strengthening the Capacity of Small Farmers
  2. January 2009: Rural Women Creating a Better Future
  3. October 2009: Scaling Up Via Partnerships, Advocacy and Impact
  4. March 2009: Stopping Violence Against Women and Girls
  5. November 2009: 360,000 Trained Volunteers Creating Lasting Change

Top Five Videos

  1. Overview of The Hunger Project
  2. Janet Nkubana, 2008 Africa Prize Laureate
  3. Faiza Jama Mohamed, 2008 Africa Prize Laureate
  4. Jill Lester, Africa Prize 2008 Keynote Address
  5. Margarita Ruiz, 2009 Fall Event (excerpt)

Top Five Facebook Status Updates

  1. THP-Switzerland awarded the ZEWO seal
  2. Elected women in India say they will find solutions "Among ourselves!"
  3. Burkina Faso ministry finances construction of pre-school
  4. Indian and US heads of state affirm importance of women's empowerment
  5. THP's 9th Sarojini Naidu Prize ceremony tales place on Mahatma Gandhi's birthday