THP-Mexico Becomes Member of Advisory Board for the Promotion of Civil Society Organizations


We are honored to announce the appointment of Lorena Vázquez Ordaz, Country Director of THP-Mexico, as a member of the Technical Advisory Board of the Commission to Foster Civil Society Organizations Activities in Mexico.

The Commission is a collaboration of four Secretaries of the Mexican Federal Government: The Secretary of Social Development, Secretary of Finance, Secretary of State and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

The Technical Advisory Council is a consultative body, of honorary nature, which seeks to promote the Federal Administration's support of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). The Council meets annually with the Commission to conduct a joint evaluation of policies and actions created to foster the activities of CSOs.

Among other activities to promote CSO and Federal partnerships, the Technical Advisory Council:

  • Analyzes Mexican state policies related to fostering the partnership and formulates proposals on implementation and guidance;
  • Organizes the participation of citizens and organizations in committees and task forces responsible for monitoring, operating and evaluating Mexican state policies;
  • Suggests measures to enable efficient administrative and operational functions;
  • Issues the operating manual under which organizations and operations will be regulated.


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