THP-Mexico at the G20 Summit

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In June 2012, the G20 Summit took place in Los Cabos in Baja California, Mexico and The Hunger Project had the opportunity to participate in the International Civil Society Coalition both leading up to and during the summit.

The G20 places Mexico on a list of the richest countries of the world, despite the fact that inequity within the country increases every day. Approximately 51 percent of the population lives in poverty and 11.7 million people are living in extreme poverty. In spite of the wealth in Mexico, 8,000 Mexicans die each year from diseases related to malnutrition, 5 million children are suffering from hunger and 1.2 million boys and girls live with chronic malnourishment.

Both food security and green growth featured prominently in President Calderon’s G20 agenda. Lorena Vázquez Ordaz, THP-Mexico’s Country Director, has been working actively since February alongside members of organizations such as Oxfam, World Vision and Save the Children on policy recommendations for these very topics.

During the first NGO press conference of the Summit in Los Cabos, Lorena emphasized the importance of recognizing the enormous potential of small-scale producers, particularly women, in achieving food security.

Ongoing world hunger is unacceptable. Mexico, and the world, have all of the resources and the technical capacity to end hunger and poverty in our lifetime. THP-Mexico called upon the leaders of the G20 to promote policies that go beyond the rise of GDPs and truly raise the standards of living for all people.

THP-Mexico is thankful for the opportunity to participate in the inclusive space created by the Mexican government and to interact with members from various Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) inside the G20 Summit. Nevertheless, it is imperative that CSOs continue to increase their influence on development conversations and have a role educating and advising government institutions. It is the hope of all CSOs at the Summit that the recommendations put forth are truly considered in the outcomes and agreements of the G20 and future meetings.

The Hunger Project-Mexico will continue working with the International Civil Society Coalition until the end of the Mexican Presidency of the G20 in December 2012, and furthermore into the Russian Presidency, building a stronger voice and a more influential position for civil society.


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