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Woman Leader in Bangladesh Prioritizes Education

Asma in her tailor shop

Hosne Ara Asma, known as Asma, has been a THP animator in Bangladesh since 1997. After taking part in THP's special women leaders' training, she now regularly arranges courtyard meetings on issues such as sanitation, early marriage, nutrition and gender equality. In cooperation with other animators, Asma also runs three adult education centers.

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Peru: Weighing in on Climate Change and Its Impact on Indigenous People


Chirapaq participated in the Latin American Summit on Climate Change and Its Impact on Indigenous Peoples and has been at work strengthening regional platforms in four provinces. Food sovereignty is being reinforced through an emphasis on recovering indigenous peoples' knowledge, techniques and innovations.

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Mexico: Breakthrough Partnerships with National Government

Margarita leads VCA 1000-Mexico.jpg

This period, a breakthrough was achieved with the establishment of a new partnership with the Secretaría de Desarrollo Social (National Social Development Ministry). More than 4,000 catalysts (volunteer leaders) were trained at THP Vision, Commitment and Action Workshops.

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Bolivia: Increasing Indigenous Leadership, Government Ties and Media Outreach


ACLO has focused its efforts on training rural villagers and indigenous people in leadership, public advocacy and education, with special training courses for women. Ties with government have been strengthened in order to continue to build and promote training programs.

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Jill Lester Featured on Popular Radio Program


Jill Lester, President and CEO of The Hunger Project (THP), spoke about THP's unique approach on the radio program, Saturday Extra on Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Radio National.

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Earth Day 2009


Climate change threatens to reverse progress in the fight against hunger and poverty. The Hunger Project calls on people around the world to support efforts to mobilize grassroots communities and build their resilience to cope with the challenges that climate change presents.

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Change to believe in: The Hunger Project-Uganda's impact


We are delighted to announce the release of an impact assessment of The Hunger Project's work in Uganda. The study was carried out at the end of 2008 on a pro-bono basis by an independent, external consulting firm.

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Rita Sarin Honored As One of 25 Women of Excellence


Rita Sarin, Country Director of The Hunger Project-India was honored as one of 25 women leaders at the Women of Excellence Awards on April 28, 2009.

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Epicenter Community Provides Safe Water to 6,000 Villagers


This project, undertaken in partnership with Rotary International, other local Rotary Clubs in Ethiopia and The Hunger Project, will supply clean tap water to over 6,000 of our grassroots partners who once suffered endemic waterborne disease.

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The Hunger Project Celebrates International Women's Day around the World


The Hunger Project celebrated International Women's Day 2009 throughout the world with events, media articles and a special conference call.

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