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Bangladesh: Promoting Transparent Elections and Empowering Women

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THP-Bangladesh made a notable impact on increasing transparency for recent elections with a large awareness campaign. Along with the promotion of good governance, grassroots mobilization and empowerment of women were prioritized during this period.

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Uganda: Positive External Assessment and Improving Health Resources


The work of THP-Uganda was acclaimed by an independent, external consulting firm, who undertook a pro bono impact assessment, which praised the organization's high-impact, low-cost strategies. Trainings continued with volunteers, animators and trainers of trainers, and access to health services increased.

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Senegal: Two New Epicenters and Expanding Women's Program


Two epicenter buildings, Dinguiraye and Ndereppe, have been completed and stocked in the past six months, and microfinance loans disbursed to multiple groups and thousands of individuals. The Women's Empowerment Program (WEP), launched in November 2008, has been busy training volunteers and trainers.

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Mozambique: Introduction of a Public Cell Phone and Innovative Farming Experiments


Progress continues to be made in building food stockpiles and providing literacy classes and health services through the epicenters. THP-Mozambique continues to build its partnerships with the Ministries of Agriculture, Education, Health and other local administrations.

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Malawi: Providing Microfinance for People Living with HIV/AIDS and Building Partnerships


This has been an exciting period of expansion and innovation for Malawi, with a new pilot microfinance program for people with HIV/AIDS, who tend to be discriminated against in terms of credit loans, and growing partnerships with NGOs and various government ministries.

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Ghana: Eight New Epicenter Buildings Near Completion in Eastern Region

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As part of the scale-up program, the construction of eight new epicenter buildings is expected to be completed in June. More than 20,000 people were trained in THP Vision, Commitment and Action Workshops over the last six months.

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Ethiopia: New Water Facilities and Growing Grain Reserves

Jaldu Water Supply Project 015a.jpg

Epicenters continue to collect and store grain and potato reserves, while forging ahead with children's education programs. There is much activity in the construction of water supplies, with the Jaldu Water Supply Project and four new health posts and improved sanitation facilities.

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Burkina Faso: Restocking Food Banks to Maximum Capacity


Overcoming the challenges of insufficient rainfall and the global food crisis, THP-Burkina Faso has filled epicenter food stores from 25% to 100%, and has established a partnership with the Government that includes support for new literacy centers, of which 174 have already been opened.

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Benin: Bétérou Epicenter Inaugurated and Food Banks Filled to Capacity


The completion of Bétérou Epicenter was celebrated in an inauguration ceremony in March, while the food banks at all eight Benin epicenters have reached full capacity. Self-reliance is moving ahead with emphasis on diversifying income sources and the use of local, organic fertilizers. Loan repayment rates have achieved 100% at most epicenters.

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Woman Leader in Bangladesh Prioritizes Education

Asma in her tailor shop

Hosne Ara Asma, known as Asma, has been a THP animator in Bangladesh since 1997. After taking part in THP's special women leaders' training, she now regularly arranges courtyard meetings on issues such as sanitation, early marriage, nutrition and gender equality. In cooperation with other animators, Asma also runs three adult education centers.

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