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Uganda Works to Halt the Spread of HIV/AIDS

Workshop Attendees

Since The Hunger Project-Uganda launched its highly successful HIV/AIDS and Gender Inequality Campaign in 2003, over 93,000 partners have participated in the workshops. Efforts continue to reach new audiences for increased awareness throughout the country.

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Trainings in Microdose and Organic Farming Improve Income and Quality of Living

Delma Jean.JPG

Delma Jean, a Hunger Project partner from Burkina Faso, utilizes epicenter trainings to improve his farming skills, increase his income and send his two children to school.

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Chirapaq Celebrates 25 Years of Empowering Indigenous Communities

Chirapaq Logo.png

Join us in congratulating Chirapaq on 25 years of playing a key role in the historic reclamation of the identity of indigenous people in Peru and across Latin America.

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United Hunger Fast in Response to Proposed U.S. Budget Cuts

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Beginning on March 28, 2011, former Congressman and head of the Alliance to End Hunger Tony P. Hall called on social and religious leaders to join together in a united hunger fast in response to proposed budget cuts by U.S. Congress. The Hunger Project is one of dozens of humanitarian organizations who have pledged their support.

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Home Furnishing and Education Made Possible with Microfinance

Elizabeth Moyo.jpg

With the support of her Microfinance Program group and family, Elizabeth Moyo has become a successful business woman, able to pay school fees for her children and provide furnishing for her home.

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Microfinance Fosters the Development of a Local Leader

Genet Mosa.jpg

Genet Mosa utilized the Microfinance Program in her local epicenter to develop as a community leader, thrive as a business woman, nurture a savings account and improve the lives of her family and neighbors.

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"Change Your Mindset to Grow"

Mary Ballovi.jpg

Before joining the Microfinance Program, I had never imagined making an income or even dared to speak in public. Now I am President of our group and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kissamey Epicenter fund.

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Achieving More through Strategic Partnerships in Uganda

Satellite Bank

The Hunger Project-Uganda has been hugely successful at creating long-term partnerships with like-minded organizations, assisting with everything from microfinance to epicenter trainings. By developing relationships with organizations in the region, epicenters have been able to provide more and better services to community partners.

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Combining the Strengths of Women to Create a Prosperous Future


Ms. Khady Seck is chair of a microfinance women's group in Diokoul Epicenter in Senegal. Empowered by the epicenter trainings, Khady has also taken on the position of counselor to the village women and coordinated the shared maintenance of the local environment, reducing rates of diseases like malaria.

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Having the Strength to Overcome Poverty


My name is Mrs. Lénindou Agbognihoue. It is because of the lessons I learned from Vision, Commitment and Action workshops at [my] epicenter that I had the courage and strength to take care of myself and the future of my children.

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