The Hunger Project Celebrates International Women's Day around the World


The Hunger Project (THP) celebrated International Women's Day 2009 (acknowledged by the United Nations on March 8) throughout the world. Here are some highlights from our countries:

Bangladesh: About 450 International Women's Day events were organized throughout Bangladesh. Above is a photo from one such rally at Ramna Park in Dhaka.

Ethiopia: THP-Ethiopia submitted our statement on International Women's Day (read the statement) to three newspapers. The Ethiopian Herald published the article in its March 7, 2009 issue.

India: THP-India partnered with the Ministry of Women amd Child Development (Government of India), UNIFEM and the Norwegian Embassy in Delhi to celebrate International Women's Day on March 12. Approximately 700 guests, who included senior government officials, diplomats, bilateral organizations, civil society organisations and women from diverse groups across the city, attended the festivities.

In addition, The Times of India, India's leading National Daily interviewed and quoted Rita Sarin, Country Director of THP-India, in an article entitled "Agents of Change March On." This article highlighted the achievements of elected women leaders across the country and the difference they are making in their communities. Read the article.

Mexico: The photo to the right takes place in the community of Huarichic, where the local official and THP animator, Huerta Salas, organized a march and invited all the women to wear white. At the rally, Huerta and some other animators shared about women's rights. Many of the women who attended expressed joy and surprise that such rights existed as they were just learning about them for the first time.

Animators in a community called Eastern organized group discussions in the area's main farmers' cooperative. They discussed five key women's rights and called for increased women's voice in the running of the cooperative. At the event, the group also developed an immediate action campaign to halt an outbreak of tuberculosis in their cows.

Global: More than 40 women, THP investors and activists, came together on a conference call on March 10 to express their solidarity with their sisters around the world in honor of International Women's Day. The conference call included a discussion on the status of women globally; inspiring success stories from women in South Asia, Africa and Latin America; as well as a call to action ranging from an invitation to invest in The Hunger Project's work to a request to share the information we have gained with other women in our lives.

Support courageous women leaders. Just $100 could support a training course to educate women in India about their rights.

Download the special THP Info Sheet on IWD 2009.

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