Scaling Up via Partnerships, Advocacy and Impact


THP's Strategic Direction

Achieving the End of Hunger: Scaling Up via Partnerships, Advocacy and Impact

September 2009

The Hunger Project (THP) has a deep and informed understanding - inspired by the creativity, resilience and determination of the millions of poor and marginalized people with whom we have partnered over the years - that through true empowerment, it is indeed possible for women and men to end their own hunger and poverty.

In this strategic direction document, THP sets out our long-term vision of how to achieve a future where all people gain the opportunity to lead healthy and productive lives and build a better future for their children. This strategic direction is not simply about expanding our existing programs. It is about growing the organization and expanding its scope via three defined strategic priorities: partnerships, advocacy and impact.

Based on the broad thrust of our strategic direction, rolling two year implementation plans are developed by each area of THP activity. We will review progress and update our strategy each year to ensure our focus is firmly on our priorities, ensure we are ready to respond effectively to new challenges, and keep us united as one team in striving to fulfill our vision of empowering millions more of our sisters and brothers around the world to achieve a hunger-free future.

Download THP's Strategic Direction Document (PDF 1.99 MB)