Standing in Solidarity with the People of Japan

We at The Hunger Project stand in solidarity with our colleagues, their families and all the people of Japan during the aftermath of the March 11 earthquake and express our hopes and desires for the rapid resolution of these crises.

The Hunger Project has had a chapter in Japan since 1985, and Japanese citizens have invested generously in the work of The Hunger Project over the years. We have been informed that all of our colleagues and their families in Japan are safe and sound, but we know it is still a desperately challenging time. All of us in The Hunger Project family are keeping them and all the people of Japan in our hearts and prayers, moment by moment, day by day.

THP does not have programs in Japan and does not function as a disaster response organization. To support such work, we encourage you to give directly to such organizations. The coalition InterAction, of which we are a member, has put together a list of organizations working in such a capacity.