Scale-Up and New Epicenters in Benin


Update to the Global Board

April 2012

THP-Benin had a busy period, which focused on progress in the scale-up program initiated in partnership with the Dutch financial investor group, Kataklé. Under the new scale-up, THP-Benin built two of its newly mobilized epicenters (Tré-Dassa and Sonon-Guinagourou). Also in partnership with THP-Netherlands, THP-Benin worked with a representative from PUM, a Dutch NGO, to discuss microfinance-related issues and provide training to women’s representatives from the rural banks. THP-Benin is facing new demands and requirements related to its scale-up of the Epicenter Strategy. In response, the team is seeking to hire four new positions for its headquarters. These additional staff members should help THP-Benin in supporting its significantly larger group of epicenters, which has grown at a tremendous pace from just 10 epicenters in 2009 to 17 epicenters in 2012.


  • New Epicenter Construction: During the reporting period, THP-Benin was supervising the construction of two new epicenters (Tré-Dassa and Sonon-Guinagourou). This is part of the country’s scale-up of epicenters with the support of the Dutch financial investor group Kataklé. Tré-Dassa is now complete, with a rural bank constructed approximately 4 km from the epicenter building to maximize accessibility, and Sonon-Guinagourou is complete except for a visitors’ accommodation room, for completion in early 2012.
  • Women’s Leadership in Microfinance Program (MFP): In Quarter 4, THP-Benin partnered with PUM, a Dutch NGO that provides advice and guidance in developing countries and emerging markets, to train the elected representatives of rural banks in Avlamè, Zakpota, Kissamey and Dékpo Epicenters.
  • Progress at Daringa Epicenter: In Daringa Epicenter, one of THP-Benin’s newest epicenters and part of the Katakléscale-up efforts, activities commenced in both the health and children’s education program areas. For Daringa’s health unit, the government donated some equipment and supplies through the Health Coordination Office of Djougou, and THP-Benin oversaw the recruitment of healthcare personnel. Also during the period, Daringa’s nursery school program began.

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