Resurgence of Food Security for THP-Mozambique in 2011

Zuza Community Field.jpg

Update to the Global Board

October 2011

THP-Mozambique’s continued focus on income-generating activities (IGAs), particularly in the form of cross-cutting trainings that also address food security, was evident throughout the first and second quarters of 2011. Using small industrial equipment provided with the support of THP, all three epicenters in Mozambique pursued activities to address food security, capacity building and IGAs, primarily through bread-making at all epicenters. Brick-making at Chokwe Epicenter also offered partners a way to capitalize on skill trainings and income-generating activities.


  • Food Security: At Manhiça Epicenter, partners used their corn mill to make flour, promoting the epicenters’ bread-making activities. Bread-making is also under way at Zuza and Chokwe Epicenters. All three epicenters are also focusing on increased vegetable production and fruit tree grafts, which require specialized training in agricultural techniques and rely on irrigation systems for maximum production. The sale of plants from epicenter nurseries contributes to revenue. The strength of this program is reflected in the resurgence of Agricultural Trainings at all epicenters in Q1 and Q2 2011.
  • Improved Infrastructure: At Manhiça Epicenter, THP-Mozambique supported the acquisition of a multi-task cultivator, allowing partners to more efficiently and thoroughly harvest various types of crops.
  • Community Radio: THP-Mozambique has recently begun mobilizing larger populations through the use of community radio broadcasts, informing partners and potential partners of activities underway and opportunities to participate.

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