Partners Share Benefits of Water Project in Ethiopia

Safe Water in Ethiopia

The Hunger Project (THP)-Ethiopia staff recently visited the community of Gute, the largest of ten villages served by the Jaldu Water Supply Project.

This project was undertaken in 2008-09 in partnership with Rotary International, and provided safe drinking water to 6,000 community members in Jaldu Epicenter (read more).

Several months after the completion of the project, villagers shared with staff that access to clean, sufficient water has:

  • stopped malaria cases that occurred because the spring where they used to get water was infested with insects;
  • reduced the distance women have to travel to get water and thus reducing likelihood of health implications and fear of sexual assault;
  • reduced quarreling over limited supplies, which used to occur because the spring would often get too low; and
  • increased the proper washing of hands, bodies and clothes thus improving sanitation.

Children now have more time to attend school and adults can use the saved time for productive activities like income-generation.

Our partners said, "We are committed to take care of the water supply project as we care for our eyes, because we realized that THP-Ethiopia has given us a new life and we never want to lose it."

Invest in clean water and healthy lives - give now!