Increased Medical Visitations for THP-Burkina Faso in 2012


Update to the Global Board

April 2012

In Quarters 3 and 4 of 2011, THP-Burkina began to develop and target activities in its Strategic Plan. Specifically, THP-Burkina began by focusing on greater government partnerships at all levels. In order to highlight the role of government in the sustainable self-reliance of the 15 epicenters in Burkina Faso, staff focused on continuing to transition specific elements of the epicenter to government responsibility. Furthermore, staff worked to formalize each epicenter as its own Association, permitting it legal recognition and standing. In alignment with a focus on health and nutrition, THP-Burkina held several mass medical visits, which proved to be an enormous success, with high participation rates, widespread HIV/AIDS awareness-raising and on-site, anonymous testing and counseling.


  • Mass Medical Visits: Throughout 2011, THP-Burkina focused on bringing high-quality, affordable healthcare to the epicenters and partner villages. As part of this work, mass medical visits were arranged with the support of volunteer medical associations and medical schools. Not only were hundreds of children, mothers and patients provided with free care, but the media also flocked to the occasion. THP-Burkina was able to produce a DVD using the footage from the event, which it will use in advocacy activities to continue this important element of its program.
  • HIV/AIDS Mobilization: During the reporting period, THP-Burkina partnered with both local and national HIV/AIDS prevention organizations across Burkina. Despite a relatively low infection rate in Burkina Faso, local advocacy efforts work to maintain these achievements and ensure the continued health of all epicenter partners.

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