Indigenous Communities and Chirapaq Celebrate 25 Years of Partnership in Peru in 2011

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Update to the Global Board

October 2011

THP has a strategic alliance with the Center for Indigenous People’s Cultures (Chirapaq) in Peru to promote the empowerment and organization of Amazonian and Andean indigenous groups. This partnership supports indigenous women as they build their capacity to develop social, economic and political rights with aim to eliminate poverty and hunger in their communities. During this reporting period THP, represented by John Coonrod, Executive Vice President, joined Chirapaq in Peru to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

In Peru, Chirapaq has continued to build and strengthen the knowledge and skills of indigenous groups to better influence local and regional governments; improve indigenous women’s access to economic development opportunities; and create new partnerships with civil society groups to advocate for indigenous issues.


  • THP and Chirapaq celebrated 25 years of empowering indigenous communities at their Anniversary Event in March.
  • Fifty-eight women participated in the Departmental Federation of Mothers Clubs and Women Ayacucho’s proposal writing workshops and the Federation of Women Farmers in Anta Province’s (FEMCA) advocacy trainings to improve their influence in the regional participatory budgeting process. More than 90 percent of participants have utilized their skills after the programs.
  • FEMCA has expanded their guinea pig breeding project to involve participation of 330 women across eight districts in Anta. Women in the Cuzco region have partnered to form their own business to market the sale of their guinea pigs under the Alta brand.
  • Chiripaq and other indigenous organizations, in partnership with the United National Population Fund-Latin America and the Caribbean (UNFPA-LACRO) and UNFPA Peru, have submitted proposals to the National Development Plan on issues of sexual and reproductive health rights.

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