The Hunger Project-Bangladesh Loses a Dear Colleague


Mohammed Shiraj

On December 31, The Hunger Project-Bangladesh team lost a very dear colleague, Mohammed Shiraj. He leaves behind his wife, a daughter (11) and son (8), and was the sole provider for his family.

During his six years on staff, Shiraj traveled all over the country, driving Badiul Majumdar, Vice President and Country Director to high-level meetings and village council visits, in addition to performing tasks in the office and field. As Badiul said in his email, "Shiraj died after being ill for several weeks. It is devastating not only for his family but also for all of us. He was also my almost constant companion on the road."

Shiraj will be remembered for his unyielding commitment to the end of hunger in Bangladesh; his willingness to always be of assistance; his sincerity, honesty and his wonderful smile. He will be missed not just by his own family but by his Hunger Project family around the world.