Health Care and Partnerships with THP-Burkina Faso in 2011

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Update to the Global Board

October 2011

During Quarter 1, THP-Burkina Faso's leadership shifted with the official nomination of Evariste Yaogho as Country Director, and the addition of the new position of Health and Nutrition Officer. Furthermore, two THP-Burkina staff members visited THP-Senegal and THP-Benin to learn best practices in Rural Bank self-reliance and child nutrition, respectively.

THP-Burkina Faso introduced an innovative mobilization method during Quarter 2, and also saw a strong turnout by volunteer doctors and HIV/AIDS organizations to provide voluntary, anonymous testing. Fully formalizing its partnerships remains a challenge for THP-Burkina, as well as providing electricity at all of its epicenters.


  • Exchange Visits: In Quarter 1, THP-Burkina’s Microfinance Program (MFP) Officer traveled to Senegal to observe Rural Banks, note best practices, and increase dialogue on achieving self-reliance among MFP Officers.
  • Innovative Mobilization: THP-Burkina created a new method of mobilizing communities; epicenter partners who have an acquaintance or relative living in a nearby city nominate the “hometown hero,” who is then contacted by THP and invited to come speak at the epicenter. These young professionals participate on an entirely volunteer basis and mobilize and inspire epicenter partners and provide support for THP staff.
  • Compost "Plus": Within its Food Security program, THP-Burkina Faso has been expanding teaching of how to make better compost in half the time, maintaining soil fertility and increasing crop yields, as well as continuing to provide practical training on how to create productive vegetable gardens

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