Great Strides in Gender Equality from THP-Bangladesh in 2011

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Update to the Global Board

October 2011

During this reporting period, THP-Bangladesh carried out bottom-up, gender-focused activities in 804 clusters of villages (unions) across 57 of Bangladesh's 64 districts.

THP-Bangladesh completed an analysis to better align financial and programmatic data and reporting procedures. Working together, finance and program staff will better be able to monitor activities and measure results in the following program areas: Community Mobilization; Gender Equality; Village Development Campaigns; Good Governance and Advocacy & Alliances.

THP-Bangladesh celebrated the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day by hosting more than 299 events across the country. More than 41,500 people participated in the events. Other highlights during this reporting period include a successful election cycle where a number of THP’s women leaders increasingly ran for office in local government elections.

THP-Bangladesh also saw increased national media coverage surrounding the roundtable discussions organized by Shujan (civil society platform), and strengthened partnerships with Australian High Commission, British Council, BRAC and others.


  • THP’s Women Leaders have had a breakthrough and are increasingly running for office in local government elections: More than 460 THP-Bangladesh volunteers participated in municipal elections, among which 169 were elected to office. This is a significant milestone and indicator for successful mobilization activities. Only 21 women last year were elected. This dramatic increase can be attributed in part to increased volunteer training which promotes participation in local elections.
  • Focus on Education: THP-Bangladesh staff and animators held more than 586 Primary School Enrollment meetings emphasizing the importance of education for children - especially girl children. More than 19,000 people (mostly women) attended the meetings.

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