Epicenter in Mozambique Embraces Solar Energy


The Hunger Project's (THP's) partners at the Zuza Epicenter in Mozambique are the first of all our epicenters to embrace solar energy.

Zuza's Epicenter Committee considered the two best options for bringing electricity to their community to pump water and provide light: a generator or solar panels.

They chose solar energy because it is a clean and renewable source of energy. Though it has higher costs initially, the maintenance is easy and low cost, and panels can last up to 20 years when well maintained. Although initial costs are lower for a generator, maintenance costs, like fuel, are high. Moreover, generators only last about five years and have a greater environmental impact.

THP is exploring expanding this program to other epicenters.

Solar panels and water tower at Zuza Epicenter.

New solar panels help THP partners access water.

Epicenter Committee training to maintain the solar panels.