Food Security Partnerships with THP-Ghana in 2012


Update to the Global Board

April 2012

THP-Ghana had a busy second half of 2011 in both the scale-up epicenters in the Eastern Region, as well as in its 11 other epicenters. THP-Ghana successfully renewed the Robertson Foundation grant for three more years and began the first half of Year 6 of this long-term partnership. During Quarter 3, THP-Ghana hosted visitors from the Foundation during their annual visit to the Eastern Region. In alignment with the strategic initiatives set by the Board of Directors, THP-Ghana also expanded its staff to include a Partnership Building and Resource Mobilization Officer (PBRMO). The position was filled internally from THP-Ghana’s former National Program Officer, who got off to a quick start with a series of meetings and advocacy opportunities highlighted below. THP-Ghana is still working to strengthen the human resources of its Microfinance Program by hiring bookkeepers to support each Credit Union, and is also working to fill all needed personnel positions at its health clinics through government support.


  • Public-Private Partnership for Food Security: Discussions are ongoing with the National Food Buffer Stock Company (NAFCO), a subsidized Directorate of Ghana’s Ministry of Food and Agriculture, to forge a partnership with THP. NAFCO would run a quality control scan and buy food crops from the partners in the epicenter and store them in the food banks to be released onto the market during the lean season, as a price stabilization measure. Epicenter community members would be given preference in the sale of food stored in the food bank.
  • Income-Generating Activities: THP-Ghana now provides training in making a variety of products for sale, including batik, tie-dye, liquid soap, bath gel, disinfectant and shampoo, as well as in packaging and marketing of each product. Trainings were co-funded by THP, participants themselves and the Rural Enterprises Project, and have received commendations and support from the District Chief Executives of participating Districts.
  • Epicenter Construction: THP-Ghana saw progress early in the reporting period on two epicenters (Fesi Bame and Matsekope). Although this progress slowed during the 4th quarter, re-mobilization and increased educational activities have been put into place to jump-start further construction.

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