Empowering Rural Women and Communities with THP-Mexico in 2011

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Update to the Global Board

October 2011

During this reporting period THP-Mexico completed more than 300 grassroots gender-focused activities with a total of more than 3,500 participants. THP-Mexico continues to strengthen community cooperatives, support economic opportunities for entrepreneurs and facilitate key literacy, health and nutrition programs. THP-Mexico is currently working in 44 communities throughout 10 municipalities in the following three states: Mazateca and Mixteca regions in the state of Oaxaca; Highlands Region of the state of Chiapas; and rural communities in two municipalities in the state of Zacatecas.

THP-Mexico has continued to analyze and better align financial and programmatic data and reporting procedures. Finance and program staff is now better be able to monitor activities and measure results in the following program areas:

  • Community Mobilization
  • Animators & Trainings
  • Village Development Campaigns
  • Advocacy & Alliances


  • THP-Mexico further developed their Theory of Change (TOC) and is in the process of refining their program areas and activities to be more aligned with their vision and theory of change.
  • New participatory tools implemented by the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) officer and program staff have begun to generate much needed baseline data in partner communities.
  • The THP-Mexico Board of Directors successfully held their first funding event: an investor breakfast with the goal of developing a local funding campaign with private investors.
  • Key partnerships and leadership on strategic consultation boards has increased media coverage of THP-Mexico’s programs. This positive coverage is an opportunity to boost credibility, introduce THP’s strategies to a wider audience as well to create a structure to influence policy making.

Accomplishments by Region

Chiapas: THP-Mexico’s indigenous women partners strengthened their cooperative structure and made strong steps towards improving their income. They reviewed the laws of the cooperative and incorporated new agreements in order to increase member participation. Additionally, they are remodeling their store which will facilitate an increase in sales.

Mixteca (Municipo San Miguel el Grande): Community partners in this region are still in early phases of mobilization. The three communities which make up this cluster have created their vision. During this reporting period, women and men prioritized the following strategic areas in which they will develop initiatives, projects and actions: health, food sovereignty, income generation, infrastructure, water and ecological responsibility.

Mazateca (Municipio San José Tenango): The Mazateca cluster is about to finish the first stages of mobilization and community planning. They are beginning to take actions in the priorities areas they identified and communities are approaching local government to link with their future projects towards the creation of their community development plans.

Zacatecas: Income-generating projects organized mostly by women are now being supported by THP-Mexico remotely. Due to the drug war in Mexico, the situation in Zacatecas has become increasingly unsafe for residents as well as THP staff. Because of security concerns, THP-Mexico will now be facilitating continued programs remotely through quarterly meetings where staff will meet with representatives of the projects to review their progress and identify future training opportunities.

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