Earth Day 2009


The Hunger Project's Statement on Earth Day 2009

Throughout the developing world, millions of women and men are experiencing the catastrophic impact of climate change. Climate change causes increased flooding and drought, and damages ecosystems. In turn, this leads to failed crops, food insecurity, loss of income and the spread of disease. Simply, climate change threatens to reverse progress in the fight against hunger and poverty.

It is important to be aware that while high impact and widespread publicized disasters yield immediate attention and resource mobilization, it is the smaller and therefore less publicized disasters that affect most people worldwide.

However, the people who are most affected by climate change and these disasters, the rural poor, are rising to this challenge by developing and using innovative coping techniques such as building water harvesting systems and ovens that run on biomass fuel rather than wood.

On Earth Day 2009, The Hunger Project, therefore, calls on:

Political leaders in the developed world to take urgent action in forming and funding programs and policies that help heal damage already caused to the environment from climate change and to prevent future harm from occurring;

Political leaders in the developing world to support their citizens with programs and policies that encourage people living in poverty to adapt to the challenges of climate change and work cooperatively with nongovernmental organizations that mobilize communities and build the capacities of people for greater resilience;

Grassroots people in the developing world to continue to exercise their creativity and resourcefulness and work together to address climate change challenges; and

Concerned women and men in the developed world to remember that your everyday actions have long-term consequences. One action you can take, which will undoubtedly yield positive long-term results, is to invest in the women and men of the developing world so that they can enhance their capacities and build their resilience to cope with the challenges that climate change presents.

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Photo: The Latin American Summit on Climate Change and Its Impact on Indigenous Peoples, held in March 2009.