Creating a Hunger-free Bangladesh


Forty percent of Bangladesh's 150 million people live below the poverty line. The country faces enormous challenges of gender discrimination, high population density, youth unemployment and climate change. And, according to Hunger Project Vice President and Bangladesh Country Director, Prof. Badiul Alam Majumdar in a recent radio interview, “hand outs and foreign aid have created a mindset of dependency.” 

That’s where The Hunger Project (THP) and its capacity-building work make the difference. Badiul shared, “Ours is a homegrown strategy. It’s grassroots based, women focused and because of that, it is likely to be sustainable...THP does what is missing: unleashing the human spirit; unleashing leadership.” (Listen to the full interview.)

Since 1990, The Hunger Project-Bangladesh has become the largest volunteer organization in the country, and is recognized as a leading voice for the rights of girl children. More than 260,000 volunteer animators and youth leaders are now mobilizing millions of others to take self-reliant actions. They are initiating projects such as education campaigns for safe drinking water and sanitation; forming self-help groups for income-generation; and advocating for an end to violence against women. Check out a video of one such animator in action.

Throughout the month of June, during an awareness-building and fundraising tour throughout the United States, Prof. Majumdar shared with hundreds of people how The Hunger Project difference can be seen throughout the villages of Bangladesh. Volunteer animators are deciding on their own priorities, mobilizing their communities to take action and creating a new future: a self-reliant and hunger-free Bangladesh.

You can join us and take action to create a new future by investing now to train and empower the volunteer animators and youth leaders of Bangladesh.