Continuing Scale-Up for THP-Ghana in 2011

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Update to the Global Board

October 2011

As part of its focus on self-reliance, THP-Ghana has strongly promoted income-generating activities (IGAs) at the epicenters through the planting of mango and oil palm trees. With sustained support from the Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology (MEST) and from the Millennium Development Authority (MiDA), seedlings were provided to communities in multiple epicenters to increase family income (see photo at left for a delivery by MiDA at Bame village in Fesi Bame Epicenter). THP-Ghana is still battling low condom use, despite high awareness of HIV/AIDS, and has expanded the scope of its Program Officers’ and animators’ role to offer the sale of condoms and training in use at bars and other public places. Regarding epicenter construction, artisanal talent has largely migrated to cities and is difficult to find, requiring higher financial incentives for remaining artisans to provide labor at the epicenters.


  • Completed Epicenter Infrastructure: Of the 38 Eastern Region epicenters, 37 of them were built by the end of Quarter 2, and 29 of them had operational health clinics, with support from Ghana Health Services and the District Health Management Teams.
  • Healthy deliveries: Babies continued to be delivered in good health at the epicenter clinics and in private homes by traditional birth attendants (TBAs).
  • Falling incidence of malaria: Thanks to increased awareness from health personnel in clinics and epicenter health sub-committees, combined with the Ghana Health Services (GHS) distribution of insecticide-treated nets, the epicenters are seeing a fall in the number of cases of malaria. (See chart in report.)
  • We Know Politics: THP collaborated with the International Federation of Women Lawyers - Ghana (FIDA-Ghana) to organize a capacity building workshop on Gender and Governance for 44 assembly women who were either appointed or elected in the 2010 District Assembly elections.
  • Male WEP Animators: Innovatively, THP-Ghana has expanded the roles for its partners by including male leaders in its Women’s Empowerment Program (WEP) animator trainings, expanding the number of advocates for women’s rights. Over the reporting period, over 20,000 partners were trained by WEP Animators.

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