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Measuring Empowerment: The Columbia SIPA Team’s Experience in Mexico and Benin

Columbia SIPA Team in Mexico. How do we measure empowerment?

In March 2013, a Columbia School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) team of six split into two and embarked on field visits to two country offices: Mexico and Benin. In addition to seeking a better understanding of The Hunger Project's (THP's) mission and activities on the ground, the Team went to test a new communications tool with M&E officers in the field. Read their review of the experience.

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Join our World Hunger Day Twitter Chat!

Join THP's World Hunger Day Twitter Chat at #Fast4Hunger - 12:30 EDT, May 28, 2013

May 28 is World Hunger Day and there are SO many ways to get involved: Join our Twitter chat at 12:30 EDT, download our exclusive single One World, One Song, donate your Facebook cover photo and so much more! Read on to find out how you can celebrate World Hunger Day with The Hunger Project!

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THP-Ghana Grows as New Epicenter Opens and Old Epicenter Expands

Ghana update to the Global Board

THP-Ghana welcomed the opening of the new epicenter Fesi Bame with an inauguration ceremony featuring Kpando Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Francis Ganyaglo, and former  Country Director of THP-Ghana, Dr. Naana Agyemang-Mensah, among other important guests. More good news for Ghana continued with the completion of the Dogo Nursery School in Toku Epicenter and the next level of construction being reached in a three-classroom project also being undertaken in the Dogo community.

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THP-Burkina Hosts Africa Conference While Emphasizing Health, Nutrition, and Food Security in 2012

Burkina update to the Global Board

In 2012 THP-Burkina organized medical consultations in four epicenters, held a number of trainings on the use of new technologies in agriculture, and played host to the Africa Conference, which included participants from all eight African Program Countries, as well as participants from the Global Office and THP-Netherlands office. The conference marked the launch of several strategic changes for the department, including the identification of priority epicenters.

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THP-India Shines a Spotlight on Women

India update to the Global Board

In 2013 India focused heavily on women's leadership and gender-centered program activities. As part of their commitment to women, THP-India successfully completed a 16-day campaign on Violence Against Women  with 30 other organizations across the region. In addition, THP-India trained elected women representatives in a number of topics including advocacy and forming alliances.

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World Hunger Day 2013: One World, One Song

One World One Song

World Hunger Day (May 28) is about inspiring people around the world to join together in solidarity in support of all those working to end their own hunger and poverty and make the journey to self-reliance. This year, The Global Hunger Project family is celebrating World Hunger Day with the release of the single One World, One Song, following its world premiere at the Royal Albert Hall in 2012.

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Measuring Success While Gaining Recognition for THP-Malawi

Malawi Country Report to the Global Board

THP-Malawi strengthened its monitoring and evaluation program with trainings in new methods of data collection: iForm builder software on iPod Touch devices. The epicenter also hosted a national launch of the "16 Days of Activism" campaign aimed at ending gender-based violence which brought different institutions and people together.

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THP-Mexico Prioritizes Self-sufficiency

During the last half of 2012, THP-Mexico had its first inter-regional meeting and worked with 21,380 grassroots partners across 22 communities of nine municipalities in three states: Oaxaca, Chiapas and Zacatecas. In Chiapas community partners received training from the National Institute for Cooperatives Development to begin to commercializa products in New York. In Zacatecas, THP Mexico help revised current plans for the poultry farm.

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THP-Bangladesh Ensures Stronger Governance, Partnerships and Goals for Community Development

Bangladesh report to the Global Board 2013

In the last half of 2012, THP-Bangladesh mapped out clear goals for community development, ensured good governance in 80 Union Parishads (local government bodies), reported stronger partnerships and celebrated National Girl Child Advocacy Day, the 4th National Convention of the Unleashed Women Network, and the 15th National Youth Conference.

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THP-Mozambique Celebrates New Maternity Ward and Moves Forward in Food Security


THP-Mozambique celebrated hard earned accomplishments with the inauguration of its Health Center in Chókwè Epicenter featuring the District Administrator government officials and local leaders and nearly 500 epicenter partners. Officials cut the ribbon of a new maternity ward during this event. Alongside the inauguration schedule, THP-Mozambique was able to make many new microfinance partners, introduce experimental fish farming projects and increased revenues.

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