THP-Senegal's October 2010 Update to the Global Board


The following are highlights from April-October 2010 from The Hunger Project-Senegal:

1. The inauguration of Ndereppe Epicenter on July 22, 2010.

2. The Food Security Program (FSP) implementation, which is part of the current agricultural harvest, took place in four successful stages.

3. The organic bissap (hibiscus) experiment conducted last year in three villages from the Sam Contor and Nereppe Epicenters expanded this year to 12 villages from the Dahra, Coki, Dinguiraye, Sam Contor and Ndereppe Epicenters. This has increased the total plowed area from 3.5 hectares to 21 hectares. The expansion includes 12 groups of women for a total of 563 members.

4. Successfully bringing our Rural Banks into compliance with New Microfinance Laws.

5. The second year of Programme Multi Acteurs d'Education Non Formelle (PMA ENF), our Informal Multiple-Actor Education Program is nearly complete.

6. Reforestation at Sam Contor, Ndereppe and Dinguiraye Epicenters.

7. The Operationalization of the Sam Contor Health Hut, which is now fully equipped with medical facilities, enabling the medical authorities to place a trained Community Healthcare Agent at the disposal of the health center.

Download the full board report (PDF 663.59KB)